AAAHC Accredited Office Based Surgical Center

Texas Oral Surgery Specialists has achieved accreditation by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) Accreditation Association. Full accreditation by the AAAHC distinguishes this surgical center from many other outpatient surgical facilities by ensuring that our office based surgical center adheres to the highest, most up-to-date, standards in modern outpatient surgery.

What is AAAHC Accreditation?

AAAHC-logoThe AAAHC Certificate of Accreditation is an indication that an office-based surgical center has undergone a voluntary process by which performance and quality are measured against nationally recognized standards.  Status as a fully accredited AAAHC organization means Texas Oral Surgery Specialists has undergone a thorough self-assessment and on-site review by the AAAHC expert surveyors and has exceeded these standards.  More than 5,000 ambulatory health care organizations across the United States are accredited by AAAHC.  Not all ambulatory health care organizations seek accreditation; not all centers undergoing on-site survey are granted accreditation.

Why Is Accreditation Important?

The AAHC standards revised and published annually, in the AAAHC Accreditation Handbook outline the characteristic that the AAAHC holds as the basis of high quality patient care.  These include the Rights of Patients, Governance, Administration, Quality of Care, Quality Management and Improvement, Clinical Records and Health Information, and Facilities and Environment.  These carefully updated standards allow facilities to ensure that they maintain the most up-to-date practices.

“We believe our patients deserve the best.  When you see our Certificate of Accreditation, you will know that the AAAHC, an independent, not-for-profit organization, has closely examined our facility and procedures.  It means that as an organization we care enough about our patients to strive for the highest care possible.” Dr. Chris Tye.

How does AAAHC Accreditation at Texas Oral Surgery Specialists Affect Patient Care?

Preparing for surgical procedures is an important process.  Patients should be prepared to ask their dentist or physician questions about their personal credentials, experience, and the standards by which their work is measured.

Accreditation is a visible indication that our office-based surgical center has exceeded all of the standards set by the AAAHC.  An independent third party review by the AAAHC provides confidence that an expert patient advocate has reviewed the policies and surgical practices of Dr. Chris Tye at Texas Oral Surgery Specialists.