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Replace your missing teeth with Dental Implants.

Our goal at Texas Oral Surgery Specialists is to ensure the highest possible level of care and patient safety. Our office team puts the patient’s needs first and foremost in all decision-making, and we make sure that patients are educated and have all of their questions answered prior to treatment. We answer questions about Dental Implants Cost and all of the financial options that are available to patients.

We treat all of our patients with respect and loyalty as we feel honored to be chosen as their health care provider.

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Dr. Chris L. Tye, MD, DDS D.D.S., M.D.

Dr. Chris L. Tye, MD, DDS is honored to be the surgeon that many doctors choose for their own care and for the care of their families.

He was the first Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon in Tarrant County to graduate from medical school and dental school, earning dual degrees. Dr. Tye was also the first Oral Surgeon in the state of Texas to earn the prestigious AAAHC accreditation for exemplary standards in patient care . His reputation and commitment to excellence earn him numerous awards from his peers and the community. However, Dr. Tye is most rewarded by his patients’ satisfaction and happiness.

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tooth replacement colleyville texasWhat Are Dental Implants?

Replacing a missing tooth is a decision that is good for your oral health as well as your personal comfort. Missing teeth can negatively impact your general health, the way that you eat, speak, and your general appearance. The absence can increase the workload on your other teeth and can cause muscle fatigue in the neck and jaw joints.

With the right tooth replacement solution, you can restore the function of your mouth and jaws while also reducing the chances of bone loss and the deterioration of your facial appearance. Today, the dental implant is the preferred method of tooth replacement, primarily because the implants look like real teeth, feel comfortable and function as well as the natural teeth.

dental implants colleyville txWhy Choose Dental Implants?

The similarities between a dental implant and a natural tooth are quite impressive. A natural tooth extends both above and below the gumline, consisting of one or more roots and the biting surface (crown). With the loss of each tooth, you lose both the stability provided by the root and the biting surface of the crown. Essentially, a dental implant is a permanent new titanium tooth root combined with a customized biting surface.implant dentistry colleyville texasWhat Can Dental Implants Do?

  • Replace a missing tooth
  • Support a bridge with multiple teeth
  • Provide a secure foundation under a removable complete denture

In fact, with a technique known as The “All-on-4®” Procedure, a complete denture can be anchored with just four implants for a strong and secure smile that is fully functional in a single day.

How Can I Learn More?

We are excited about the opportunity to help rebuild your smile! Call 817-552-3223 today for more information about dental implants.

For additional procedure information check out the TXOSS Blog: Dental Implants

All-on-4® – Implant-Supported Dentures and Bridges

All-on-4 Dental Implants Colleyville TexasOn the strength of just four dental implants, you can enjoy the advantages of a smile that is more secure and more attractive than ever before. You can leave your former denture lifestyle in the past, and move forward with teeth that feel and look realistic when you opt for the All-on-4® (also known as SecureBite® and ProArch) tooth replacement solution.

For you, we can create a SecureBite® that features a custom set of upper or lower prosthetic teeth that are affixed to the jawbone by way of permanent dental implants. These teeth are not designed to be removed during the day or at night, and they will not require denture glue or special adhesives for long-term stability.

To create complete support and security, we can harness the powerful performance of dental implants and maximize the bond between the implants and the jawbone. What results is a set of implants that will permanently anchor your teeth and take on the forces of chewing or biting in a manner that reflects the way that your real teeth would function.

Financial Solutions that Fit Your Lifestyle!

Texas Oral Surgery Specialists is dedicated to a completely transparent approach to the financial aspect of your care.   Prior to any surgical treatment, we will discuss with you your surgical options, and you will be provided with a printed and clearly itemized statement of fees.  We will also provide a real-time estimate of insurance coverage by your dental and medical plans so you will understand your financial responsibility prior to treatment. If additional financial assistance is required, we offer third party financing via Care Credit.

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