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Dr. Chris L. Tye, MD, DDS D.D.S., M.D.

Dr. Chris L. Tye, MD, DDS is honored to be the surgeon that many doctors choose for their own care and for the care of their families.

He was the first Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon in Tarrant County to graduate from medical school and dental school, earning dual degrees. Dr. Tye was also the first Oral Surgeon in the state of Texas to earn the prestigious accreditation for exemplary standards in patient care. His reputation and commitment to excellence earn him numerous awards from his peers and the community. However, Dr. Tye is most rewarded by his patients’ satisfaction and happiness.

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Called Wednesday to make consult appt as new patient for wisdom teeth extraction for Monday. I was in so much pain that I called back Thursday to see if there was anyway to get me in sooner. They let me com in right away and scheduled my surgery the morning after (Friday). The office staff is phenomenal and Dr. Tye knows his stuff. 

Brianna W., Colleyville, TX

texas-oral-surgery-specialist-testimony-rebaThe entire office staff and Dr. Tye made me feel right at home, so friendly, so patient. I will NEVER go to any one else for teeth problems. I felt no pain when he was pulling my tooth, I came home and have had no swelling, no pain, no soreness, no nausea, feels like there has been nothing done. Honestly, Dr.Tye is the BEST surgeon ~~ absolutely without equal. 

Reba W., Hurst, TX

Dr. Tye and his team were simply wonderful. I bawled like a baby (severe anxiety) and they eased my mind. I originally wanted to be put under, but they assured me the gas was the better (and cheaper) method for my removal. I am thankful they were honest, courteous and helpful. The extraction was quick and I was at home sleeping like a baby an hour or so later.

Ellie B., Dallas, TX

wisdom-teeth-impacted-toothWhat Are Wisdom Teeth?


Between the ages of 18 and 24, most young adults experience the growth of a third and final set of back teeth called wisdom teeth. This last set of molars can be unpredictable in terms of their positioning, their development and their usefulness. In fact, these teeth are often considered to be nonessential and are generally recommended for extraction if they are not in good health.

With an oral examination and x-rays of the teeth and jaws, Dr. Tye can evaluate the health of the wisdom teeth to determine if they will be problematic. Studies have shown that the early evaluation and treatment of the wisdom teeth is more beneficial than waiting until a complication arises.

Properly aligned wisdom teeth surrounded by healthy gum tissue do not generally require surgical attention. Unfortunately, the more common scenario is that the teeth tend to grow in sideways, partially or completely trapped under the gum and bone.

When Are Wisdom Teeth a Problem?

The incorrect position of impacted teeth can harm your oral health and the health of the neighboring teeth. As bacteria are allowed to invade the space between the tooth and the gums, you may experience swelling, tightness, pain, or feel ill. This chronic inflammation and infection becomes virtually impossible to control with brushing, flossing or even antibiotics.

The pressure from a malpositioned wisdom tooth is likely to damage the neighboring teeth by causing crowding or cavities. A more serious problem can occur if a tumor or cyst develops as a result of the impacted tooth, causing severe destruction to the jawbone and your otherwise healthy teeth. Extracting the unhealthy, impacted teeth as soon as possible can resolve these complications and prevent future problems.

wisdom-teeth-extraction-colleyville-texasWhat Should I Expect?

The procedure for wisdom teeth extraction typically consists of outpatient surgery that is performed under fast-acting anesthesia to increase your comfort. Both pain management and the management of dental anxiety are taken into consideration, along with the current status of your overall health, in the planning of your treatment. Dr. Tye has the training, compassion and expertise to provide you with the form of anesthesia that is safest and most effective for you.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss all of your oral surgery needs, including wisdom teeth extraction.

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Most people have their wisdom teeth removed when they’re young because once patients reach their 30s or 40s the procedure can be more difficult with a longer recovery time.

Not everyone develops the third set of molars, but the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons reports about 90 percent of people have at least one impacted wisdom tooth, meaning there’s not enough space for it to break through the gums.

The average person has four wisdom teeth, although it’s possible to have more, says J. David Johnson, an oral surgeon in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He removes up to 1,500 wisdom teeth a year and once treated a patient with nine. Read full article.

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Texas Oral Surgery Specialists is dedicated to a completely transparent approach to the financial aspect of your care.   Prior to any surgical treatment, we will discuss with you your surgical options, and you will be provided with a printed and clearly itemized statement of fees.  We will also provide a real-time estimate of insurance coverage by your dental and medical plans so you will understand your financial responsibility prior to treatment. If additional financial assistance is required, we offer third party financing via Care Credit.

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