Beautiful young woman suffering from toothache, close upFacial injuries that affect the person’s ability to eat, speak, breathe, or see often require oral surgery. Thankfully, oral and maxillofacial surgeons are highly trained and experienced in correcting these issues through surgical treatment and facial reconstruction. 

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Learn more about the most common facial injuries, which facial injuries require oral surgery, and possible complications of facial trauma in this blog. 

Most Common Facial Injuries Requiring Surgery

  1. Nasal Fractures

A nasal fracture, or a broken nose, is one of the most common facial injuries because the nose is the most prominent facial feature. Typically, a broken nose occurs during a sports activity but can also be the result of violence, an accident, or a fall. 

Oral surgery may be required for a nasal fracture if breathing is obstructed or the nose has become off-center. 

  1. Jaw Fractures

A fracture of the maxilla (upper jaw) or the mandible (lower jaw) is often accompanied by damaged or knocked-out teeth. In these cases, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon can restore the teeth and stabilize the jaws. 

  1. Cheekbone Fractures

The cheekbone connects to the maxilla, the temporal bone, the frontal bone, and the sphenoid bone. Because of this, an initial evaluation of all of these bones should be done immediately after the injury. Cheekbone fractures should be reevaluated after the swelling has subsided to determine if surgery is necessary. 

  1. Orbital Fractures

Orbital fractures, or fractures of the eye socket, commonly affect the bottom portion of the eye socket where the bone is the thinnest. In many cases, surgery is not necessary. However, if the eyeball becomes displaced or if the person has double vision, surgery may be necessary. 

Possible Serious Complications of Facial Trauma

If left untreated, facial trauma can lead to serious complications, including: 

  • Airway damage: most common with a broken nose because the swelling can injure the nasal passageways
  • Neurological problems: any type of head trauma can impact the skull and the brain; symptoms include uneven pupils, clear cerebrospinal fluid leaking from the nose
  • Eye injuries: the eyeballs and surrounding nerves can be damaged 
  • Internal bleeding: possible pressure in the skull which can increase the risk to the eyes, brain, and nerves

Surgery for Facial Injuries in Colleyville, TX

If you have suffered a facial injury, finding a qualified oral and maxillofacial surgeon is the key to the best cosmetic results possible. 

Dr. Tye is uniquely qualified to restore your natural beauty and maintain the contours of your face. He is one of the only oral surgeons in Colleyville, TX to have a degree in both dentistry and medicine, so patients feel safe and secure in his hands. 

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