Corrective Jaw (Orthognathic) Surgery

When your bite is “off” or your teeth don’t seem to fit together properly, it may be necessary to look beyond your teeth for a solution. Sometimes the issues of occlusion and alignment are skeletal in nature, meaning that the jawbone is primarily responsible for the function, position, and appearance of your teeth. The skeletal foundation of the face and jaw can even influence your ability to speak and breathe.

With corrective jaw surgery, technically known as orthognathic surgery, it is possible to overcome a number of muscular and skeletal abnormalities as they pertain to the face, mouth, jaw and joints.

What Causes Skeletal Abnormalities?

Jaw surgery can be prompted by various congenital conditions in which some children are born with abnormalities to the jaw joint and/or jaw bone. It can also be prompted by a developmental (growth) defect, a behavioral (tongue thrusting, thumb- sucking, etc) condition, or an accidental injury.

Which Conditions Can Be Corrected with Orthognathic Surgery?

As a general rule of thumb for most conditions, the most conservative treatments and therapies should be recommended and applied whenever possible. However, when alternative methods are ineffective or inappropriate, surgical care is preferred.

Corrective jaw surgery typically provides a favorable outcome for these commonly reported conditions:

  • Difficulty swallowing or ineffective biting and chewing
  • Speech Impairment, trouble speaking
  • Chronic TMJ disorder, severe or long-term jaw pain
  • An open bite (a condition in which the jaw closes but the teeth do not come together)
  • Prominent chin or a jaw that sticks out (protrudes)
  • Difficulty breathing, including an airway obstruction or sleep apnea

The Future is Now

The applications for dental technology, from diagnosis to treatment, have expanded as surgical procedures become more sophisticated and less invasive. Modern techniques, better anesthetics, shorter treatment times, and faster recovery periods have made jaw surgery a more viable option for millions of patients.

Welcome to a dental age in which the technology of the future has been embraced in order to provide you with unprecedented options for orthognathic surgery and an opportunity to improve the quality of your life!

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