Oral Surgeon Serving Southlake

Southlake oral surgeon Dr. Chris Tye serves patients in Southlake, TX, and the surrounding areas by specializing in oral surgery including dental implants and extraction of wisdom teeth. Dr. Tye is conveniently located near DFW International Airport, giving patients from Southlake, Grapevine, Colleyville, Dallas, Ft. Worth and northern Texas easy access to his office. Dr. Tye offers outpatient services through an on-site facility equipped with state of the art technology and safety features. Patients enjoy a comfortable and private office, and may return home to rest after a procedure is complete. Dr. Tye’s team excels in patient care and safety and is well respected by their peers.


The city of Southlake Texas began as a small community of residential neighborhoods giving the area a small-town feel, but is just moments from the luxury of a larger metropolitan area. The luxury shops and dining of Southlake include Southlake Town Square. Sporting and cultural events taking place in Dallas/Ft. Worth are a short drive from Southlake making Dr. Tye’s location near DFW International Airport a perfect oral surgeon choice for Southlake residents. The use of an on-site facility allows Dr. Tye and his staff to provide excellent oral care to Southlake residents who wish to return to the quiet of their home after a procedure.

Proximity to Southlake, TX

Directions to TXOSS – in Colleyville, which borders Southlake and is located on Highway 26 Colleyville Blvd between John McCain and Tinker.

Specialty Services

Dr. Tye specializes in several oral surgery procedures. One of the most common procedures performed is the extraction of wisdom teeth. This type of surgery is typical for young adults, where between 18 and 24 years of age the final set of teeth begins to surface. Near the back of the mouth, this set of teeth is often referred to as wisdom teeth. Because the growth of wisdom teeth occurs later and is unpredictable, these teeth are frequently in the way and require extraction. Dr. Tye performs wisdom tooth extraction on an outpatient basis and helps patients manage any pain associated with the procedure as well as easing the anxiety that can accompany undergoing oral surgery.

Another common oral procedure is having dental implants placed. Dental Implants replace missing teeth, and improve the overall dental health of a patient. An implant will permanently replace a tooth, providing stability and helping to decrease the bone loss related to losing a tooth. After you have an implant placed, your general dentist will be able to set a crown on top to finish the transformation.

People with missing teeth may benefit from All on Four® Dental implants to replace all of the teeth with full mouth dental implants. All on 4 allows Dr. Tye to provide a fast new smile with teeth in one day.

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