Bone Grafting at Our Colleyville, TX, Practice Can Reverse Jaw Recession

The Jawbone: The Strength behind Your Smile

bone-grafting-jaw-surgery-colleyvilleYour jawbone is the unsung hero of your oral health. It is a precious commodity that provides the framework and foundation for your smile. It supports your dental roots, and if it starts to recede, you could experience pronounced tooth loss. Once bone recession has reached a critical level, you will not have enough support for dental implants or even dentures.

Thanks to modern technological advancements, inadequate bone volume and density will no longer stand between you and a stronger smile. At Texas Oral Surgery Specialists in Colleyville, TX, Dr. Chris L. Tye, MD, DDS, D.D.S., M.D., can perform advanced bone grafting. If your jawbone is too thin or too shallow due to a genetic condition, an accident, years of gum disease, or an extracted tooth, he can surgically restructure and reinforce the bone tissue. Without surgical intervention, the bone cannot regenerate, and further recession is inevitable.

Surgical Intervention: Rebuilding Your Foundation

There are several types of bone grafting surgeries. Dr. Tye will determine the right one for you, according to the degree of recession and the type of restoration you are going to receive.

Bone Grafting – When the height of the bone is too low, Dr. Tye can build on additional bone to restore the vertical dimensions. This is especially useful when you have an anatomical defect or you have recently undergone tooth extraction. It can also be very beneficial for dental implant placement, since the bone must be deep and dense enough to accommodate the post.

Ridge Expansion – The width of the jawbone is just as important as the height of the bone. By increasing the width of your jaw in certain areas, Dr. Tye can provide greater coverage and protection for your dental roots. Ridge expansion can also create a broader and more secure foundation for a removable or implant-supported denture.

Sinus Lift – Your sinus cavities run just above your upper jawbone. Therefore, if this portion of your jaw has started to recede, there may not be enough room for an implant post without penetrating the delicate membrane. During a sinus lift, Dr. Tye will reposition the floor of the sinus. Then he will graft on additional bone tissue to keep the membrane lifted and to provide greater support for the implants.

Making It All Possible

Good, healthy bone is the key to a successful grafting procedure. Whenever possible, tissue can be harvested from one part of your own jaw and grafted onto the selected location. This method will increase the already highly likelihood of success, since your body will recognize its own tissue, and there will be no chance of an allergic reaction. If necessary, Dr. Tye can also use high-quality bone sources such as an allograft (cadaver bone), xenograft (bovine bone), or synthetic materials. He may employ these materials on their own, or he may use them to augment your own bone tissue.

No matter what type or method he uses, Dr. Tye wants to make sure that your treatment involves as little discomfort and recovery time as possible. To maintain your comfort during surgery, he offers several types of sedation, including IV sedation. After your procedure, he will monitor your healing, providing medication and tips to reduce inflammation.

We invite you to contact our surgical team today to explore your bone grafting options.