Oral Pathology

Our team’s dedication to improving the quality of people’s lives includes the prevention, identification, and treatment of pathological lesions which may affect the mouth, throat, and face. In some cases (but not in every case!) oral pathology can be associated with oral cancer. As a growing percentage of our population is confronted with the incredible consequences of cancer, we are proud to offer our expertise in fighting the disease and saving lives.

We are trained to identify the risk factors for oral cancer as well as conduct cancer screenings and biopsies. Cysts, tumors, and other types of oral pathology can be treated in our office as well, since these lesions can present a serious health risk even when they are found to be benign (noncancerous).

Take a Closer Look

There are many varieties of tumors, cysts, and other lesions—both cancerous and benign, that can develop and grow inside of your soft tissues and jawbone. That’s why we will conduct a visual examination, but also rely upon multi-dimensional x-rays, microscopes, and advanced diagnostic tools to look for the earliest signs of a problem.

We also empower our patients by educating them about the signs and symptoms of oral cancer, and by encouraging regular self-examinations at home.

Customized Treatment Solutions

Depending upon the nature and extent of the pathological lesion, your treatment options may include:

  • A follow-up re-evaluation or observation appointment
  • A biopsy (There are a number of available biopsy methods.)
  • A laser removal procedure
  • The complete surgical removal of the lesion

In treating pathologic lesions, it is our goal to preserve your level of physical function and also your appearance. As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Tye is trained to perform the reconstructive procedures and cosmetic surgeries that are sometimes necessary following the treatment or the removal of a lesion.

Risky Business

The risk for oral cancer exists for each of us, without regard for our ages or our lifestyle habits. Rather than playing the guessing game where your health is concerned, why not call to schedule your clinical examination today?