Before Anesthesia

Special Instructions before IV Sedation

1. Do NOT eat or drink anything for six (6) hours before your surgery appointment.   Avoid Fatty meals or Meat 8 hours before your procedure. We encourage you to drink plenty of fluids the day prior to surgery for hydration.

2. Unless otherwise instructed, take your routine Medications the day of your procedure with sips of water at
your prescribed time regardless of NPO status/guidelines. Notify the Doctor of all medicines taken 24 hours
prior to your surgery appointment.

3. Avoid aspirin or products containing aspirin, and Herbal medications for five days prior to surgery unless
prescribed/approved by your physician.

4. Bring someone to accompany you and drive you home.


5. Parent or guardian must accompany minors.

6. Wear clothes that are loose-sleeved and loose fitting with a button down front.

7. Do not wear contact lenses or tongue rings to you surgery appointment.

8. Brush your teeth before your appointment.

9. You will need an icebag when you return home.

10. A responsible adult must remain with you for 24 hours after surgery.

11. Female Patients: It is important to be sure that you are not pregnant at the time of surgery. You have been
provided with the option of taking a urine pregnancy test on the morning of surgery or signing a waiver confirming that there is no chance that you could be pregnant.

General Post-op Instructions

1. Use ice packs for 24 hrs to minimize swelling. Alternate on and off every 20 minutes.

2. Eat soft foods and maintain adequate daily fluid intake.

3. Avoid hot food, carbonated or alcoholic beverages, and smoking for 3 days.

4. Avoid the use of straws, vigorous swishing, and spitting for 3 days.

5. Beginning the day after surgery, gently rinse with warm salt water.

6. Keep your head elevated on 2-3 pillows for 24 hours after surgery to minimize swelling.

7. If you were given a cleaning syringe, begin using it 5 days after your surgery. Use warm salt water in the syringe on the lower sockets only three times a day until your gums heal, approximately 2-3 weeks.

8. If small stitches have been placed in the gums, they will dissolve in approximately one week. For extractions, if sutures dissolve/fall out sooner, there is no concern unless there is active bleeding.

9. If you had IV Sedation or General Anesthesia, a responsible adult is to remain with you for 24 hours.

In Case of Bleeding

1. A gauze compress has been placed over the wound. This should remain for one-half hour.

2. Should slight bleeding continue, place another gauze compress for an additional one-half hour. This may need to be repeated 3-4 times.

3. If bleeding continues, moisten a small tea bag and place it over the wound for 30 minutes. Repeat if necessary.

4. Slight oozing may continue for 1-2 days.

Symptoms which may occur:

1. Swelling of the face is common, and usually is maximized at day three and is resolved by day four to six.
This does not imply infection is present. If swelling increases after the fifth day, notify the office.

2. Stiffness of the jaws is common and usually relaxes within one week.

3. Bruising may appear by the 2nd or 3rd day and often resolves by day ten.

4. Slight numbness of the lip and/or tongue may occur as was previously explained. If the numbness persists for longer than one week, please inform your doctor at the follow-up appointment or by telephone.

5. After anesthesia, drowsiness may persist up to 24-36 hours. If this occurs do not drive or remain without supervision.

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