Why Choose an Oral Surgeon?

While it’s true that general dentists and oral surgeons may perform some of the same types of procedures, when it comes to surgical procedures that affect the mouth or the face, the wiser option is often to work with a specialist who has years of additional training beyond dental school. An oral surgeon is just that: a specialist. In fact, oral surgeons work closely with patients’ dentists and physicians to provide top-notch care. Whether you require wisdom teeth removal, a dental implant, corrective jaw surgery, oral pathology, or treatment for sleep apnea, seeking the expertise of an oral surgeon is an investment in your oral health.

The Education and Training of an Oral Surgeon

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon holds a degree in dental surgery along with an additional four to six years of education and training. Our surgeon, Dr. Christopher Tye, with over 20 years’ experience in private practice, is unique because he holds both a D.D.S., and a medical degree. In fact, he was the first dual-degreed oral surgeon in Tarrant County, Texas.

To become board certified as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, one must also complete hospital-based residencies. A residency gives an aspiring oral surgeon hands on clinical experience with a number of procedures along with in-depth anesthesia training. After a residency is completed, oral surgeons typically begin working in a private practice where they provide a wide-range of oral healthcare services such as reconstructive surgeries after facial trauma and tissue grafting.

Our surgeon, Dr. Tye has built an outstanding reputation among his peers and our patients. He stays on top of the latest developments and research in dentistry and oral surgery so that patients enjoy high quality treatment that improves quality of life and oral health. He also provides continuing education to other oral surgeons.

Experience and Quality You Can Count On

Since an oral surgeon is dedicated to practicing within a specialty, our doctor can provide very precise and attentive care to our patients with needs beyond what can be treated by a general dentist. Our practice has experience with complex and advanced treatment protocols including all facets of implantology, full mouth rehabilitation, and orthognathic (jaw) surgery. We use the latest diagnostic technology such as 3D Cone Beam CT imaging and advanced intra-oral digital impression scanners to enhance patient care.

When visiting our practice for consultations and treatment, you will be warmly welcomed by our friendly staff. We pride ourselves on providing a serene atmosphere that promotes patient comfort. We look forward to serving your needs with care and compassion.

To schedule an appointment, call our office at (817) 552-3223.