Dental Extractions

Teeth need to be extracted for a number of reasons including decay, cracks, infection and severe periodontal gum disease. Extractions may be necessary for teeth that are impacted or poorly positioned to prevent future problems such as cysts, resorption or decay of adjacent teeth, or to prepare for orthodontic treatment because of crowding.

The Oral Surgeons at Texas Oral Surgery Specialists are highly skilled and trained to ensure that your teeth are extracted without excessive trauma to the surrounding tissues. If you choose to replace your teeth with dental implants, the surgeons at TXOSS are able to prepare the extraction sites for reconstruction and dental implant placement. In many cases, dental implants can be placed at the time of extractions. Ask the surgeons at TXOSS if you are a candidate for immediate implant placement.

If you are nervous about having teeth extracted please give us a call. We’d be happy to go over the procedure details with you. The doctors at TXOSS specialize in Oral Surgery and provide Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) and IV conscious sedation options in the safety of a AAAHC certified outpatient surgical center.