man grimacing in pain with toothache

Do you have a toothache? Did you wake up in the middle of the night with a swollen jaw? An infected or abscessed tooth can be painful. It can also be difficult deciding what your next step should be: root canal therapy or an extraction. Dr. Chris Tye, like most dental professionals, believes that natural teeth should be saved whenever possible. The problem is, sometimes that is simply not feasible. Oftentimes, removing a damaged tooth can help eliminate the problem and improve your overall oral health. At Texas Oral Surgery Specialists, we specialize in Bedford dental extractions for patients who do not qualify for root canal therapy.

How Do I Know if I Need an Extraction?

Because our Bedford oral surgeon is a specialist, most of the patients we see have been referred to us by a general dentist. In some of these cases, root canal therapy has either already been attempted, or has been ruled out as an option. Whenever a patient is referred to us, we perform a thorough evaluation, to confirm that the tooth in question has a poor long-term prognosis. Before moving forward, we make sure there are no other viable treatment options.

When is an Extraction the Right Choice?

A dental extraction is considered the last resort treatment option. For example, a tooth may have extensive decay that is too significant to be repaired with a dental crown. Secondly, the tooth may be fractured. In some cases, cracks are not visible on an x-ray, and are only discovered once a dentist begins root canal therapy. If a fracture runs the entire length of the root, the tooth must be removed. Lastly, a tooth may need to be extracted due to bone loss from periodontal disease. Whatever the reason, a Bedford dental extraction is typically recommended when the tooth in question has a poor prognosis. That is, the tooth either is – or has a likely chance of ­becoming ­­– detrimental to your overall oral health.

What about Cost?

We understand that patients must think about their budget when making these kinds of decisions. It is important to look at the big picture to evaluate risk vs benefit. For example, a patient may be inclined to choose root canal therapy because it can potentially save their damaged tooth. However, it is helpful to understand that a tooth with a questionable prognosis may only last a few months after root canal therapy. In cases such as this, the patient will end up paying exponentially more for treatment. Not only have they already paid for root canal therapy, but now they will have to pay for an extraction and a way to replace the damaged tooth.

I Chose an Extraction. Now What?

If our Bedford oral surgeon suggests that the most predictable treatment is an extraction, we will then discuss your replacement options with you as well. In most cases, the tooth that is removed must be replaced in order to restore your bite properly. Many of our patients choose dental implants, as they are the most successful teeth-replacement option available in dentistry today. No matter what your dental needs, our team will work with you every step of the way. Dr. Tye can design a personalized treatment plan that will meet your needs in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

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If you have a badly damaged or decayed tooth, a Bedford dental extraction may be the most appropriate treatment for you. To discover more about your options, schedule a visit with us. Call our office at (817) 552-3223 or contact us online anytime.