All-on-four implants Ft WorthTooth loss makes many patients feel incomplete. When teeth are missing, patients suffer with diminished oral function and often become embarrassed of their appearance. Without teeth, eating food is cumbersome. In the past, addressing tooth loss mostly consisted of prosthetics such as dentures or bridges. While these methods could help ease the suffering associated with tooth loss, they were unable to fully restore oral function. Fortunately, our oral surgeon can improve oral function, appearance, and comfort by using All-on-4 implants to support prosthetic teeth.

What are All-on-4 implants?

Like implants used to replace a single tooth, All-on-4 implants go beneath the surface of the gums to stabilize prosthetic teeth. The difference between dental implants for single tooth replacement and the All-on-4 method is that four dental implants are used to support and anchor an entire set of prosthetic teeth. [pullquote]…our oral surgeons can improve oral function, appearance, and comfort by using All-on-4 implants to support prosthetic teeth.[/pullquote]

By placing these implants into the jaw in strategic locations, patients can enjoy a sturdy pillar or anchor to their prosthetic teeth. This procedure will eliminate the movement of dentures during eating and speaking as well, making chewing and speaking much more comfortable. Traditional dentures only rest on top of the gums while implants are surgically embedded into the jaw. The placement of implants is what makes this tooth replacement option far more durable. Most patients receive their new teeth the day of their oral surgery, therefore avoiding lengthy wait times.

Are there additional benefits to implant supported dentures?

Yes, there are additional benefits to receiving implant-supported dentures. Beyond enjoying a new smile with confidence, patients can also reduce their risk for bone atrophy caused by tooth loss. Since implants are embedded inside the bone, they will function like the roots of teeth, therefore preventing bone resorbtion. Since implants help maintain healthy bone mass, patients can retain their face shape and enjoy a more youthful appearance. Because traditional dentures do not support bone health like implants do, bone loss will change the shape of the face thus requiring the need for new sets of dentures every few years.

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