All-on-4 implants DFWLosing an entire arch of teeth (or both of them) can be a major psychological blow for a patient, and settling for an ill-fitting, uncomfortable prosthetic can make the transition even harder.

Although aesthetics are often the primary concern of a patient seeking tooth replacement, it’s important to consider the function of the smile and how it influences the patient’s systemic health, as well. Conventional dentures tend to fall short in this aspect of tooth replacement, too, as they are structurally incomplete, failing to replace the tooth’s root structure along with the crown.

All-on-4 implants can offer patients a fully restored smile that is lifelike in its appearance and structure. This treatment option uses just four dental implants to secure an entire upper or lower denture.

When an oral surgeon places dental implants to anchor the prosthetic, patients gain a number of advantages over standard dentures. The implants help to preserve the integrity of the jawbone, which will otherwise wither away following tooth loss. Because the jaw’s contour remains more constant, it reduces the likelihood that the appliance will need to be refitted or replaced.

All-on-4 implants are also beneficial because the physical link between the implant and the jaw helps to improve chewing function. While conventional denture wearers may need to alter their diets significantly, All-on-4 patients typically can continue to enjoy most of their favorite foods.

Although All-on-4 does require oral surgery to place the dental implants, the treatment timeline is still relatively brief. After the initial treatment planning has been completed, the procedure itself can be completed in a single appointment. Most patients can be fitted with a preliminary appliance immediately after the oral surgeon places the four dental implants, and then they’ll return to the office after the implants have fully integrated with the bone for the permanent denture.

Don’t let tooth loss bring you down. There are effective treatment options like All-on-4 implants that can give you a brand new smile. Consult with our oral surgeons to learn more about this intervention by calling 817-552-3223 to book an appointment today.