All-on-4® – Implant-Supported Dentures and Bridges

On the strength of just four dental implants, you can enjoy the advantages of a smile that is more secure and more attractive than ever before. You can leave your former denture lifestyle in the past, and move forward with teeth that feel and look realistic when you opt for the All-on-4® (also known as SecureBite and ProArch) tooth replacement solution.

For you, we can create a secure bite that features a custom set of upper or lower prosthetic teeth that are affixed to the jawbone by way of permanent dental implants. These teeth are not designed to be removed during the day or at night, and they will not require denture glue or special adhesives for long-term stability.

To create complete support and security, we can harness the powerful performance of dental implants and maximize the bond between the implants and the jawbone. What results is a set of implants that will permanently anchor your teeth and take on the forces of chewing or biting in a manner that reflects the way that your real teeth would function.

Take a Look at the Ideal All-on-4® Candidate

Our All-on-4® tooth replacement system is perfect for patients who are edentulous. Without any teeth, these patients will experience such significant bone loss that they may be unable to tolerate a traditional denture.

It’s also right for patients who are not candidates for traditional dental implants. Whereas bone grafting procedures may be necessary for successful traditional implants, our four-implant procedure is effective even in thin or shallow bone.

Finally, this procedure is appropriate for any patient who would prefer permanent teeth rather than dentures.

Allow Our Team to Take Care of the Details

A surgical procedure will be necessary in order to provide you with the permanent smile that you desire. You can trust our team to perform a complete diagnostic assessment, as well as a health history evaluation to properly plan for your procedure. We will recommend the safest and most effective anesthetics and sedatives to keep you comfortable, and we will explain each phase of your treatment in advance to ensure that you know just what to expect along the way.

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