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Secure Your Bite with A New Smile

         Board Certified Oral Surgeons

                Dr. Chris Tye, MD, DDS

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  • Restore Your Smile!  All-on-Four allows Natural Chewing
  • IV Sedation offered to ensure your experience is free of anxiety and pain
  • Experienced Board-Certified Oral Surgeons with Thousands of Implants placed
  • 3D CBCT for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning
  • All-on-Four Secure Bite without Adhesives
  • Great Reviews - Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants!


Board Certified Oral Surgeons

Our Oral Surgeons are Dentists & Physicians and have 6 additional years of formal training beyond Dental School. Our TXOSS Team is Dedicated to providing each patient Excellent Service in a Comfortable Dedicated & Accredited Surgical Facility.


Your Peramant Solution to Missing Teeth

On the strength of just four dental implants, you can enjoy the advantages of a smile that is more secure and more attractive than ever before. Leave your former denture lifestyle in the past and move forward with teeth that look and feel realistic. Your New Secure Bite!

IV Sedation

You can be Asleep during your Treatment

We understand that going to the oral surgeon is probably not a “relaxing” or routine event for many patients. Our Oral Surgeons are uniquely qualified to administer a range of sedative options including IV Sedation that help your body and mind relax and improve your overall experience during treatment

Dental implants can last a lifetime.

Studies show that dental implants 

are likely to last 35 years.