The options and procedures for dealing with tooth loss have changed tremendously in this new, modern era of dentistry. The introduction and success of dental implants has widened the field in terms of the customizable solutions that are available, the predictability of each procedure, and the cosmetic results that can be achieved.

For patients who are living with the consequences of complete tooth loss, or those patients who will face the complete loss of their natural teeth in the near future, the All-on-Four® procedure offers a comfortable and welcoming alternative to conventional dentures. It’s a permanent solution that is suitable for the majority of edentulous (total tooth loss) patients.

Compared to traditional single dental implants, this procedure is recommended only for patients without any natural teeth on the upper or lower jaw.

Candidates for this procedure should be in good health, both generally and dentally, meaning no untreated infections or uncontrolled health conditions. Patients should be able to tolerate common dental anesthetics and an in-office surgical procedure.

A thin or deteriorated jawbone can generally support the set of four dental implant posts that will be used to anchor the denture portion of the new smile. This is a major advantage for the millions of patients who have suffered severe bone loss or thinning due to years of gum disease, tooth loss, or denture usage.

With a detailed clinical exam, an evaluation of your medical history, and high-resolution digital imaging, your oral surgeon can determine if you are a viable candidate for the procedure. The clinical exam will also be helpful in identifying any factors that are likely to complicate your treatment or reduce the long-term success of your new smile. Fortunately, there are few limitations for the All-on-Four® procedure, and most patients can find success with it even when individual implants have not been recommended.

To find out if you are indeed a candidate for the All-on-Four® procedure, contact Texas Oral Surgery Specialists and schedule your informative consultation today.