All on four dental implants are an innovative way of providing implants to patients who otherwise might not be considered ideal candidates for this type of replacement teeth. Using fewer implants, this technique takes advantage of the strongest areas of your jawbone so you can have an entire new arc of teeth without the discomfort and inconvenience of traditional dentures.

How All-on-Four® Implants Work

Traditional implants typically include one root implant for each individual tooth that is being replaced. For this to work well, you must have sufficient bone mass in your jawbone to support all the implants. Unfortunately, many people, especially those who have worn dentures for a period of time, have suffered from bone loss. They no longer have sufficient bone in the jaw to support the implants.

For these patients, all-on-four can offer an excellent alternative. Using only four dental implants, this technique provides support for a denture that fits over the implants, providing a tooth replacement alternative that does not shift or move in the mouth, and that looks just like your natural teeth. In addition, this procedure often does not require bone grafts, as traditional implants might, to mitigate the bone tissue atrophy.

All-on-Four® versus Traditional Dentures

Unlike traditional dentures, all-on-four holds your prosthetic teeth stationary. They do not move or shift in your mouth, because they are held in place by the implants. At the same time, they are easy to remove for cleaning.

The all-on-four technique can be used to replace an entire arc of teeth, or both the upper and lower arcs if necessary. The implants that support the prosthesis are anchored toward the back of the jaw, where bone mass is typically thicker. Whether you are missing a significant number of teeth, all your teeth, or have severe dental problems that require removal and replacement of most or all of your teeth, all-on-four provides and excellent alternative to traditional dentures.

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