It’s normal to feel a bit nervous or even scared of surgery. You probably have a lot of questions, especially if this is your first time to undergo such a procedure. And you may be nervous about discomfort and the recovery process. Some patients experience more than typical apprehension, instead suffering from tomophobia, or an intense fear of surgery.

Wherever you are on the spectrum of anxiety, when you visit Texas Oral Surgery Specialists, you can feel confident about your care. Dr. Tye’s compassionate demeanor and precise treatment planning will put your mind at ease. Plus, our Colleyville, TX, practice offers several medications for reducing both discomfort and anxiety. 

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Jittery Nerves vs. Tomophobia

Most patients probably feel a little nervous before surgery. But for patients with tomophobia, anxiety can be so intense that it keeps them from undergoing necessary medical treatment. They could also experience strong feelings of anxiety, such as a racing heart, chest pain, nausea, difficulty sleeping, and panic attacks

Clinical tomophobia is relatively rare, occurring in 0.7% to 3.3% of the population. But anxiety, even significant stress, is common for patients preparing for oral surgery

IV Sedation Can Help You Relax

IV sedation is one of the most effective ways to combat fear of surgery. Medications delivered into a vein will quickly course throughout your body, inducing a sleep-like state. Although you will be able to respond to requests from your treatment team, you will not be fully aware of the procedure, and you will have little memory of it when the sedation wears off.

Opioid-Free Pain Medication

Some patients are scared of surgery because they fear discomfort both before and afterwards. Of particular benefit to these patients, Exparel® is an opioid-free pain management medication. Administered at the surgical site, it immediately starts to relieve pain and continues to do so for about three days.  

Dr. Tye’s Compassion and Skill 

If you are scared of surgery, it is vital that you find a qualified oral surgeon and that you are honest with him about your concerns. Dr. Tye has been recognized as a top doctor and a top dentist by Fort Worth Magazine multiple years in a row. This is a unique but fitting honor since he is the area’s first dual-degreed oral and maxillofacial surgeon, with degrees in both medicine and dentistry.

In addition to his skill, Dr. Tye is renowned for his compassionate, non-judgmental care. He is very understanding of dental anxiety and tomophobia and will do everything he can to set your mind at ease. He is strongly committed to patient education, believing that knowledge is one of the most powerful ways to combat fear. He will thoroughly explain your treatment in advance and is happy to answer all of your questions, big or small. 

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