oral surgeon Grapevine TXBruxism is a condition in which patients grind or clench their teeth, often during sleep, and they are completely unaware of the problem until they develop symptoms such as muscle strain and pain in the jaw or premature wear and tear on the teeth.

Patients may develop bruxism for any number of reasons. Stress is often a culprit in this condition and can exacerbate it if other structural issues are at the root of the problem as well. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders in which the jaw is not functioning properly or an injury to the jaw may also cause bruxism.

When an issue with the jaw is creating the conditions for bruxism, patients should consult with an oral surgeon to learn about their treatment options. These specialists complete additional training beyond dental school to develop expertise in treating conditions affected by the structures of the jaw.

If a surgical procedure is necessary to correct a defect in the jaw or repair damage caused by an injury that is contributing to your bruxism, an oral surgeon will be uniquely qualified to provide that intervention as well. These providers perform such procedures quite frequently, helping them to develop their expertise in doing so.

The surgery isn’t necessarily a major ordeal that will keep you on the sidelines for an extended period of time, either. The oral surgeon usually performs the procedure in our office, which is equipped with a surgical suite. The patient can get sedation or anesthesia for maximum comfort, and the procedure is completed within a matter of hours so the patient returns home that afternoon—with a responsible adult to drive and take care of you until the sedative’s effects are reversed.

Then, if you take care to prevent post-operative complications, you can return to work or school in a few days.

Bruxism can have negative effects on your health and your quality of life, so if you’re experiencing symptoms of this condition, come to our office for an evaluation and to learn about your treatment options. We can help to eliminate your symptoms.

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