Following an oral surgery procedure, recovery should be your top priority. Recovery times vary depending on the type of operation performed. Whether healing from a tooth extraction, dental implant, or other type of minor surgery, Dr. Chris Tye and his team in Colleyville, TX will develop a personalized recovery plan based on your needs. Contact Texas Oral Surgery Specialists to set up a consultation with Dr. Tye by calling 817-552-3223.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are typically the last set of molars to develop during adolescence. Because of their late development and placement at the rear of the jaw, they are prone to tooth impaction (failure to properly emerge). Even when wisdom teeth fully emerge, they can cause crowding and other problems, necessitating the need to be pulled. The extraction of one or more wisdom teeth is a safe procedure with low rates of complications following the outpatient surgery.

In preparation for the procedure, Dr. Tye will give advice on post-operation pain management. The extraction is typically performed under fast-acting anesthesia. Though not fully sedated, most patients report being relaxed and unaware of the operation. Dr. Tye’s priority is his patients’ safety, comfort, and rapid recovery.

Due to the effects of anesthesia, patients will need to arrange for a ride home. Dr. Tye will prescribe medication and nutritional guidelines for the days following the surgery. One to two days of rest is recommended, although many patients find recovery quicker than expected. Light bleeding can be expected for the first 24 hours. Applying gentle pressure to the wound with gauze provided from Texas Oral Surgery Specialists is one way to reduce bleeding. Swelling is also a common occurrence after a tooth extraction. Dr. Tye will provide guidelines for post-operation medication, which may include antibiotics, and advice for oral hygiene to prevent infection.

Dental Implants

A missing or damaged tooth can increase stress on surrounding teeth. Dental implants safely and effectively replace the teeth roots with titanium posts. The implants are then restored with crowns, bridges, or dentures, providing a rigid and natural-looking replacement. Similar to wisdom tooth extractions, dental implant surgeries should be followed by a couple days of rest. Soft food should be eaten for 10-14 days in order to not aggravate the implant post. During the first few months following the procedure, natural bone material will fill the ridges of the implant. The process, called osseointegration, must be completed before the crown can be placed on the root implant.

Corrective Jaw (Orthognathic) Surgery

Properly aligned jaw bones are critical for functions such eating, swallowing, and speaking. When patients experience chronic problems stemming from misaligned jaw bones, corrective jaw surgery may be needed. If surgery is prescribed, Dr. Tye will plan out orthodontic treatments a few months before the procedure. Oral appliances are generally required to be worn in the months following the surgery. Initial jaw recovery typically takes about six weeks, but complete healing can take up to 12 weeks, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Experience Faster Recovery Times with Dr. Tye and His Team

From diagnosis to treatment, Dr. Tye and this team use modern techniques that allow for shorter treatment and recovery times. Advances in dentistry now allow for less invasive procedures that allow patients to return to life and work sooner than ever. If you are in need of a wisdom tooth extraction, dental implant, or corrective jaw surgery, you can expect unparalleled dental care at Texas Oral Surgery Specialist, the choice for patients in Colleyville, Keller, Southlake, Euless, and Bedford. A member of our team can be reached online or by calling our office at (817) 522-3223.