You wouldn’t go to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for a filling or teeth whitening, but your surgeon’s office should certainly be your destination of choice for a long list of other health conditions that involve your head, neck, mouth, and face.

From dental surgery to reconstructive cosmetic surgery, your oral surgeon offers the clinical skill of a dentist and the medical expertise of a physician. With this unique combination of skills and experience, there is a long list of conditions and symptoms that your dental surgeon is prepared to treat:

  • Oral surgery (This includes the surgical treatment of the teeth, soft tissues, and bone. This may also include skeletal deformities, jaw surgery, wisdom teeth removal, and TMJ surgery.)
  • Orthodontic surgeries (If necessary, your orthodontist may recommend surgical help to locate impacted teeth or properly position the jaw.)
  • Dental implants (A surgeon can place prosthetic teeth as well as perform bone grafting and other supportive surgical procedures.)
  • Biopsy, diagnosis and treatment of head, neck, and oral cancers
  • Treatment of traumatic injuries involving the face and mouth
  • Cosmetic enhancements and cosmetic surgery (This includes esthetic procedures such as facelifts, chin and cheekbone implants, eyelid and eyebrow lifts, ear surgery, and facial liposuction.)

Sometimes, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon can play a key role in evaluating the symptoms of an undiagnosed health condition. For example, sleep apnea and snoring can be identified, diagnosed, and treated under the watchful eye of an oral surgeon.

Categorized as sleep disorders, sleep apnea and disruptive snoring can occur with varying levels of severity. As such, the treatment for these conditions can also vary. Your oral surgeon can assess your symptoms and may coordinate a sleep study in order to determine the best course of treatment. For many patients, oral surgery offers an effective resolution for the problem.

Aside from wisdom teeth extractions and dental implants, a dental surgeon can offer the diagnostic and surgical services that can dramatically improve the quality of your life. Call our experienced team today to schedule an informative consultation.