tooth extractionWith all the technological advances and modern dental treatments, you may wonder why dental extractions are necessary. There are a few circumstances during which a tooth just cannot be saved. These include the one we are most familiar with–wisdom tooth extraction. Because the human jaw is smaller today than at any time throughout history, there often is not enough room for our wisdom teeth to erupt, hence, extraction becomes necessary.

We sometimes extract teeth to prepare patients’ mouths for dentures or orthodontic treatment. In other cases, extraction is a preventive measure to remove irreparably damaged teeth or “extra” teeth that don’t fit properly in a patient’s mouth.

General dentists often refer patients to an oral surgeon for extraction. Dr. Tye’s experience, training, technology, and expertise make him a preferred oral surgeon in the Colleyville and Euless area.

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Damaged Tooth

If you have a toothache, it’s time to visit your dentist. Don’t delay, because dental problems only worsen when left untreated. Teeth cannot heal like bone and skin can. If your dentist finds a crack or decay to be the issue, you may need a filling, or perhaps a crown. Sometimes, a badly damaged tooth can be saved by performing a root canal. When a crack or decay compromises the seal at the core of a tooth, bacteria can enter and cause a host of problems, including pain and infection. In such situations, root canal therapy (RCT) will be required as the only alternative to extraction. If the tooth cannot be salvaged with RCT, it will require extraction to maintain good oral health. Internally infected teeth that are not treated or removed can lead to serious, potentially fatal, conditions.

Crowded Teeth

Do your teeth overlap? Your mouth may be too small to accommodate proper alignment for all your teeth. (If this issue is found in childhood, expanders can be administered to make the palate wider.)

In some cases, teens and young adults enjoy straight teeth until wisdom teeth erupt. These large third molars can cause dental misalignment across the arches, even affecting front teeth.

Crowded teeth are more prone to decay and can create an unattractive smile. In such instances, one or more teeth may be extracted to make room for the other teeth to straighten and align properly. Dr. Tye can suggest an orthodontist for braces, following your extraction, if you need a referral.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is most common in older people, but it is not unheard of in adolescents and young adults. Also called gum disease, periodontal disease is an infection of the gums. As pockets of bacterial infection form at the gum line, gums begin to pull away from teeth. When the infection reaches the jawbone, it can destroy the bone and connective tissues. As a result, teeth loosen, and if they don’t fall out on their own, they may need to be extracted.

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As you can see, there are several reasons for dental extractions. Whether they are surgical extractions or simple extractions will depend on the case. However, you should not choose an extraction as an ‘easy way out.’ It is always better for your dental health to keep as much natural tooth as possible during a restoration. Visit Euless oral surgeon Dr. Chris Tye for a consultation. Call us at 817-552-3223 to make an appointment.