dental implants BedfordSome patients may have reservations about the initial price tag of dental implants, but ultimately this durable solution for tooth loss can be a worthwhile investment in the long run.

When you suffer tooth loss, it’s important to replace your missing tooth or teeth because failing to do so can cause consequences for your oral health and your overall health. The remaining teeth may shift into the empty space left behind, knocking the smile out of alignment and exposing those teeth to abnormal forces. Your nutrition, speech and self-esteem all may suffer.

Not all tooth replacement treatments are created equal, either. An oral surgeon who places a dental implant is replacing the entire structure of the tooth, both root and crown. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that replicates the root. Conventional appliances only restore the crown portion of the tooth.

That root-like structure plays an important role in the smile’s stability, as well as the patient’s ability to chew a variety of foods. Many people don’t realize that the roots of their teeth help to secure the jaw in addition to supporting the crowns of those teeth, but they do. In the absence of tooth roots, the jawbone slowly erodes. This jawbone atrophy has important implications for conventional prosthetics, as they will not fit as well as the jaw’s shape changes. Eventually, they may need to be replaced at an additional expense for the patient.

Furthermore, teeth that are connected to the jaw by roots (or pseudo-roots like dental implants) are more capable of tolerating strong chewing forces needed to process fresh fruits and vegetables. You’re much less likely to damage dental implants by continuing to enjoy a complete diet than you are with a denture or dental bridge.

Don’t assume that dental implants are unaffordable and out of reach for you. Our office accepts a variety of payment options and can help you connect with financing if you need that resource. Dental implants can fit into budgets of different levels. Talk to a member of our billing staff to learn more about your options to reap the rewards of an investment in dental implants.