dental implants Grapevine, TXAmong oral healthcare professionals, dental implants have become the favored tooth replacement method because of their durability and lifelike function. Moreover, implants help support all the structures of the mouth. For these reasons, our oral surgeon offers dental implant consultations and placement to help members of our community achieve renewed oral function without the limitations of formerly popular prosthetics like bridges or dentals.

What Makes Dental Implants Different

Implants are unique because they address the loss of tooth structure often overlooked: the roots. A titanium post that resembles a screw is surgically loaded into the jawbone. This post will ultimately function like a tooth’s root and will support a tooth-shaped prosthetic.

The reason implants are so durable and stable is the fact that the bone mass surrounding them literally fuses around the titanium post. This is possible through a biological phenomenon known as osseointegration, which literally means that hard, mineralized tissue integrates to titanium.

With a stable base, prosthetics like crowns and bridges are fully supported. This means that patients can enjoy a complete restoration of oral function. Tough and chewy foods can be eaten easily and comfortably. If white materials such as porcelain is used for a patient’s restoration, he or she will enjoy a natural looking prosthetic that appears lifelike to those around them.

Dentures and bridges that are unsupported by implants will only replace the visible surfaces of teeth. While these prosthetics may replace the biting surfaces of teeth, they rest on top of the gums and therefore limit oral function – especially when the jawbone begins to atrophy. Implants, on the other hand, keep the jawbone active and prevent bone resorption.

Dental Implant Candidates

Patients with failing or lost teeth may benefit from dental implants if they have adequate bone mass to support these prosthetics. To determine whether a person is a candidate for this procedure, our oral surgeon will need to perform an oral examination.

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