Dental implants have become an increasingly popular method for addressing tooth loss. Consisting of a titanium rod and a manmade crown, implants—unlike other prosthetics—are permanent tooth replacements. The crown may be secured to the titanium rod directly or through an appliance known as an abutment. Made from durable materials such as porcelain-fused-to-metal, ceramic, or gold, crowns provide a secure biting surface that allows patients to chew food comfortably.

When compared to traditional tooth replacement methods, dental implants provide significant advantages. Because implants are anchored into the jawbone, where the titanium rod will naturally fuse to bone mass over time, patients enjoy the ability to speak and eat just as they would with natural teeth. Moreover, implants provide stable support to adjacent teeth whereas teeth next to dentures and bridges may shift into empty tooth sockets over time. [pullquote]Dental implants have become an increasingly popular method for addressing tooth loss.[/pullquote]

Patients considering this tooth replacement option often ask: Do dental implants require special care? When consulting with your oral surgeon, you will be given thorough instructions on post-operative care for the different phases of the implantation process along with long-term care recommendations.

Once dental implants are in place and a crown is secured, patients are encouraged to treat their implants like natural teeth. Because they are fixed in place, a patient’s oral hygiene regimen should include regular brushing and daily flossing.

Patients who recently received implants are strongly encouraged to visit their oral surgeon for checkups and X-rays until it is determined that your implants are anchored securely in place.

Only your dental professional can help you determine which tooth replacement method is best for your needs. At your consultation, your dental surgeon will assess your overall health and conduct a thorough examination to identify any factors that may impact the success of an implant.

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