dental surgery BedfordWhen it comes to dental surgery, sedation is sometimes given as a way to improve patient care and comfort. Our oral surgeon offers varying levels of sedation, including IV sedation, and has advanced training and experience to administer sedatives intravenously. If you have phobias or anxiety about dental surgery or want to ensure that you will be comfortable during treatment, we encourage you to ask our team about our doctor’s in-depth anesthesia certification.

During residency training, our oral and maxillofacial surgeon received in-depth training on the administration and use of anesthetic medication during treatment as well as airway management training. This experience is invaluable for promoting patient comfort in a safe environment. Following is some helpful information on IV sedation and how it can benefit you.

Benefits of IV Sedation

IV sedation is an excellent way to ensure that a patient is relaxed and comfortable during treatment. Sedatives are fast-acting medications that prevent feelings like nervousness, panic, and tension. In higher doses, these medications put patients in a semi-conscious, sleep-like state without the need for general anesthesia or mechanical ventilation.

Since the medication is administered through an IV, our team can control its dosage and subsequently, its level of effect. In addition to providing a comfortable and relaxing patient experience, our oral surgeon can perform necessary treatment without obstruction. Since many treatments provided by our practice require precision, IV sedation can greatly enhance the level of care we provide.

Candidates for Sedation

While beneficial, IV sedation may not be right for every guest at our practice. Before our team administers this type of sedation, we will need to evaluate your previous medical and surgical history. Those who receive IV sedation should arrange for transportation to and from our office since sedatives impair motor function and cognitive abilities.

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