Are you feeling anxious as you prepare for oral surgery? Of course, most people will feel a bit uneasy before a medical procedure. But some patients have a very specific concern – the fear of anesthesia. If you suffer from this phobia, you are not alone. And there are ways to combat the fear so that you can undergo the treatment you need. 

Dr. Chris Tye of Texas Oral Surgery Specialists is a compassionate, non-judgmental doctor. He understands that fears are normal, and he will do everything he can to put you at ease. Plus, with degrees in both medicine and dentistry, you know that when you are in our Colleyville office, you are in safe hands. 

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How common is fear of anesthesia?

Fear of anesthesia is extremely common! In fact, according to one 2016 study, 88% of patients experience anxiety at the thought of anesthesia. Women are five times more likely to experience anxiety than men, although men are certainly not immune from this phobia. The fear is also 75% more likely among patients over the age of 40.

Does anxiety affect how anesthesia works?

Yes. A 2004 study suggests that anxiety can make anesthesia less effective. But don’t let this knowledge make your anxiety worse! 

This doesn’t mean that the anesthesia won’t take effect or that you’ll be awake during surgery. All it means is that you will need higher levels of medication to maintain an acceptable level of sedation. When you have an experienced anesthesiologist administering the medication, you have nothing to worry about. He or she will make sure that you receive an amount that is safe for your size and body type.

Is anesthesia really safe?

Absolutely! One thing that may help is to know the stats about anesthesia. The risk of dying under general anesthesia is 0.001%. The risk of brain damage is so low that no one has even bothered to calculate the statistics. 

How can I control my anxiety?

Other than familiarizing yourself with the reassuring statistics, there are several things you can do to ease your fear of anesthesia. 

  • Do everything you can to make the surgery as safe and easy as possible. Follow any dietary instructions, avoid alcohol, stop smoking, and stay hydrated in the days leading up to your surgery.
  • Choose a friend or family member who can be your support person. If you find your anxiety growing high, ask them to help calm you down and keep you committed to following through with your medical procedure.
  • Get plenty of fresh air and exercise in the days or weeks leading up to your surgery, even if this just means taking a walk every day.
  • Learn relaxation or breathing techniques.
  • Choose an understanding surgeon with a great chairside manner and stellar patient reviews.

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