All-on-Four Implants Ft WorthOne of the most devastating consequences of tooth loss is the negative effects it has on a patient’s smile. Unfortunately, some tooth replacement prosthetics are visibly artificial and do little to restore the patient’s self-esteem along with their smile. Fortunately, dental implants offer a more lifelike solution in both appearance and comfort.

Specifically, All-on-Four implants give edentulous patients a natural looking smile following tooth loss. With this approach, the oral surgeon places just four dental implants in the patient’s jaw, and after osseointegration is complete, those implants support the entire weight of an upper or lower denture.

Patients who have experienced some tooth loss that has negatively affected the fit of a conventional denture may want to upgrade to dental implants, but the bone loss that caused the denture’s change in fit can also present an obstacle to dental implant placement. However, with All-on-Four implants, the oral surgeon inserts the dental implants toward the front of the jaw. In this area, the jawbone is thicker and slower to erode. Therefore, even long-term denture wearers can be good candidates for All-on-Four.

The appliance supported by All-on-Four implants is made of state-of-the-art materials that replicate the qualities of biological tooth enamel for the most natural aesthetic possible. Furthermore, the appliance can be customized to match the optical qualities of your natural smile or improve on them, if that is your desire. In combination with the stability offered by dental implants, All-on-Four can be nearly impossible to detect from a natural smile.

In addition to the benefits that All-on-Four implants have for your appearance, they also tend to be more functional than conventional dentures. They remain secure while you are speaking, so they won’t distort your speech during conversations or at other inopportune times. They also are more effective at chewing thanks to the connection between the bone and the dental implants, which helps the prosthetic absorb stronger chewing forces.

We encourage patients who are facing tooth loss or have already experienced tooth loss to consider All-on-Four implants for a restored smile that looks and feels more natural. Schedule an evaluation at Texas Oral Surgery Specialists to learn more about this treatment option.