wisdom teeth Southlake TXHas your dentist recommended that you have your wisdom teeth extracted by an oral surgeon? Having your wisdom teeth removed is one of the best decisions you can make for your oral health – especially when you look at your health from the perspective of a lifetime. Retaining wisdom teeth greatly increases a person’s risks for destructive oral disease along with problems involving the occlusion and smooth, comfortable oral function.

Removing wisdom teeth does involve oral surgery and therefore, some people might have questions about their treatment. People often wonder why wisdom teeth removal is necessary if a person doesn’t notice any negative changes in their oral health. In almost all cases, wisdom teeth removal is wise. It can prevent a number of oral health complications that can be costly and invasive to correct in the future.

Following are some facts about wisdom teeth removal based on questions we frequently receive.

How can wisdom teeth removal help me?

Having your wisdom teeth removed can increase your oral health and oral function significantly. Moreover, wisdom teeth extractions can prevent conditions like tooth decay and periodontal disease. Other quality of life issues associated with wisdom tooth retention such as orofacial pain and frequent headaches will eventually be alleviated by their extraction.

Why are wisdom teeth an oral health threat?

Wisdom teeth are an oral health threat because they arrive later in life. Since they come in many years after the rest of one’s permanent teeth, they normally do not have enough room to come through teeth and gums in a healthy position.

Wisdom teeth, more often than not, create crowded and overlapped teeth because of limited space in the mouth. Limited space paired with partial eruption means that wisdom teeth themselves and the teeth they are adjacent to have an increased risk for developing caries.

Will I be comfortable during treatment?

Our team takes patient comfort very seriously. We utilize anesthetic and sedative medication to ensure that our guests have a comfortable treatment experience.

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