If you recently had wisdom teeth surgery, you already know you need the right nutrition to enhance the healing process, reduce swelling, and minimize any complications. However, getting your tooth removed means you have to be careful about what you eat for at least a week. 

So, how exactly do you get the proper nourishment required after the surgery?

An experienced Texas oral surgery specialist will advise you to watch what you eat after your wisdom tooth extraction surgery. Fortunately, there are multiple options for easy to chew and soft food that won’t cause you pain and provide you with the right amount of protein, energy, minerals, and vitamins. 

Here are five nutritious foods that you can enjoy after your surgery:

1. Smoothies

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Smoothies are refreshing and loaded with nutrients. These are some of the most preferred foods for many individuals, especially after the wisdom tooth extraction surgery. The best thing about smoothies is their versatility. You can combine not only your favorite fruits but even a few vegetables to make them more energizing.  

Here’s a tip: add some yogurt to reduce the acidic nature of the drink to make it soothing for your gums. Avoid using a straw as it might increase the risk for dental complications right after surgery. 

2. Bananas

Many oral surgery specialists recommend eating bananas after the surgery. The soft texture is easy to chew and doesn’t irritate your gums. Bananas are loaded with minerals and vitamins, including folate, manganese, vitamin B6, and potassium, which are good for your oral health. 

Here’s a tip: Mash the bananas to make the texture softer and prevent any discomfort. 

3. Blended Soups

Blended soups, like pumpkin or tomato soup, are another delicious thing you can enjoy after your wisdom teeth surgery. Soups are loaded with minerals and vitamins to make up for the recommended daily nutrition requirements when you can’t consume proper meals. 

Blended soups don’t contain bits that could irritate your gums and also ensure you stay hydrated. 

Here’s a tip: make sure the soup is either cold or lukewarm, as hot ones can lead to irritation. 

4. Greek Yogurt

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Greek yogurt is packed with protein, minerals, and vitamins, making it a perfect food to enjoy after your dental surgery. The creamy and smooth texture soothes your mouth and reduces irritation or discomfort. 

Here’s a tip: go for flavored Greek yogurts to add more variety to your diet. You can even add mashed bananas to the yogurt to make it more nutrient-packed.  

5. Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes are certainly versatile and can be the ultimate comfort food. You can still enjoy potatoes after your wisdom tooth extraction surgery by boiling and mashing them. They are rich in nutrients and calories that can aid the recovery process. 

Here’s a tip: hot foods can irritate the surgery wound. Make sure the potatoes are cold or lukewarm.

The majority of the patients resume eating normal food a week after having their wisdom teeth removal surgery. We recommend maintaining a healthy diet with soft and nutritious food in the weeks following your surgery to ensure a full recovery. 

Sticking to soft foods and taking precautions to prevent any disruption to your recovery will make you more comfortable while eliminating the chances of any infection and complications. 

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