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Wisdom Teeth Specialist in Colleyville, Texas


Located just minutes from DFW International Airport, Texas Oral Surgery Specialists offers easy access to patients in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, and North Texas.

We are proud to be the first AAAHC credentialed Oral Surgery Center in North Texas and Dr. Tye is a Board Certified Diplomate of Oral Surgery.


Physician & Dentist
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Our goal at Texas Oral Surgery Specialists is to ensure the highest possible level of care and patient safety. Our office team puts the patient’s needs first and foremost in all decision-making and we make sure that patients are educated and have all of their questions answered prior to treatment.

Dr. Tye is a Board Certified Diplomate in Oral Surgery with over 20 years of experience.

Your referring health professionals or friends have sent you to us because of our years of experience in delivering quality care to patients, and because they have full confidence in our clinical abilities and professional ethics. We will go through diligent efforts to ensure that you receive the quality of care that you deserve and expect.

We will treat all of our patients with respect and loyalty, as we feel honored to be chosen as their health care provider.

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The Survival Guide to Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Stock up on the ice cream and movies, and prepare to reunite with the tooth fairy. Learn more.


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Texas Oral Surgery Specialists

6904 Colleyville Blvd.
Suite 100 (HWY. 26)
Colleyville, Tx 76034

(817) 552-3223

(817) 329-3223 (metro)

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Post Operative Instructions for Wisdom Tooth Removal

What is a Specialist?

A specialist is qualified by advanced training and certification by a specialty examining board to so limit his or her practice.



Wisdom Teeth

wisdom teeth colleyville texasMost young adults experience the growth of a third and final set of back teeth called wisdom teeth. This last set of molars can be unpredictable in terms of their positioning, their development, and their usefulness. In fact, these teeth are often considered to be nonessential and are generally recommended for extraction if they are not in good health. Learn More ›[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]