blue and purple laser beams on black backgroundWhen you are preparing for surgery, you want to make sure that you are being treated with the latest tools and technology. That’s why your Ft. Worth, TX, oral surgeon utilizes the iTero digital scanner. This innovative tool quickly creates three-dimensional images of your mouth. Using iTero, your doctor can more accurately plan oral surgery and provide custom dental restorations. 

At Texas Oral Surgery Specialists, Dr. Chris Tye strives to provide the highest level of care. Thanks to his skill, training, and technology, he has been recognized by both peers and patients as an area leader in oral surgery. His approach makes treatment more comfortable, convenient, efficient, and – above all – successful!

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How does the iTero scanner work?

The iTero scanner emits laser light. Then a camera takes pictures of the light’s reflection, generating a 3-D image. Your Ft. Worth, TX, oral surgeon can use the scanner to examine your entire dental arch in as little as sixty seconds

In what procedures can iTero be used?

iTero scanners are most often associated with orthodontic treatment, but they are also extremely beneficial in oral surgery and restorative care. The scanners can reveal changes to your bite and gums over time. They can also ensure accurate crowns, bridges, and implant-supported restorations. 

What are the benefits of this technology?

The benefits of iTero are numerous!

  • Efficiency: iTero can generate images of your full dental arch in minutes, making it much faster than traditional imaging methods.
  • Comfort: Normally, to take impressions of your teeth, your dentist would need to use molds and sticky molding paste. This can be uncomfortable for anyone, but it can be nearly impossible for someone with a strong gag reflex or an unusually small jaw. In contrast, iTero uses a tiny laser wand, so the whole experience is non-invasive. 
  • Convenience: At many practices, they will refer you out for imaging. With our in-office technology, we can do everything under one roof.
  • Safety: iTero is completely radiation free, meaning the imaging process does not have any of the health risks associated with traditional x-rays.
  • Peace of mind: iTero images immediately show up on a chairside screen. This means your Ft. Worth, TX, oral surgeon can better explain your oral health and the state of your teeth. Then, together with your doctor, you can make more informed decisions about your care. 
  • Accuracy: These digital images are incredibly detailed. Dr. Tye can send them to dental labs or other doctors, guaranteeing a near-perfect fit for all dental restorations. 

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