Your Southlake BEST oral surgeon Dr. Chris Tye offers a complete range of sedation optionsWe understand that going to the oral surgeon is probably not a “relaxing” or routine event for many patients. In fact, most people usually have nervous, or even fearful, anticipation before procedures. This is completely normal; while we do our best to ensure your experience is positive (from our calm and professional staff to our relaxing office environment) we know that fears and anxiety will still occur. As one of the Southlake area’s best oral surgeons, Dr. Chris Tye is uniquely qualified to administer a range of sedative options that help your body and mind relax and improve your overall experience during treatment.

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What is sedation dentistry?

Before we get any further, it’s important to define what sedation dentistry is. This branch of dental services includes the administering of medications to ease feelings of mental, emotional, or physical stress during dental treatment. You may have heard the term “sleep” dentistry, which is usually used in place of sedation (though the term can be misleading since not all sedatives produce a sleep-like state).

What are the types of sedatives an oral surgeon uses?

Sedation medication varies in its effects. Generally, four types of sedation are available from Dr. Tye, though each are used in specific types of treatments.

Minimal Sedation

This level of sedation is most often used for more minor, less invasive procedures and may also be used by your general dentist. It is most commonly administered in the form of nitrous oxide or “laughing gas.” With this sedation method, patients are fully awake and coherent, but experience feelings of ease or euphoria. The body may feel heavy, and your brain will likely seem to be moving slowly. The effects of nitrous oxide can be increased or decreased based on the amount of gas inhaled. Nitrous oxide has the benefit of quickly leaving your system in just minutes after inhalation stops. This means that patients can drive themselves home after receiving nitrous oxide at an appointment.

Oral Sedation

For slightly more sedative effects, oral medication can be given to you by our team to take immediately before your treatment. The medication, with effects similar to Valium, often makes patients drowsy, though usually, patients will remain awake during the length of the procedure. If a higher dose is given, patients can become excessively tired and possibly fall asleep during treatment.

IV Moderate Sedation

Dr. Tye, as the Southlake area’s best oral surgeon and medical doctor, is qualified to administer moderate IV sedation. This sedation requires patients to receive an IV which helps to control the amount of medication being administered during the procedure and allows the sedatives to act quickly. Patients are awake while under this form of sedation, but often do not remember the procedure or have very fuzzy recollections. Deep feelings of relaxation help to calm patients who may be receiving more invasive procedures, or procedures that take a longer amount of time.

Sedation dentistry helps Dr. Tye to perform procedures more quickly and can actually help aid in the procedure’s success; patients benefiting from inhaled, oral, or IV sedation are less jumpy in the dental chair and experience less mental and emotional stress. While sedation dentistry requires additional care measures (such as securing a ride to and from your appointment) the benefits can be well worth it—especially for those patients most nervous or fearful of upcoming treatment.

Sedation Questions? Ask the Southlake Area’s Best Oral Surgeon!

Dr. Tye has successfully sedated thousands of patients to improve their experience receiving oral surgery care. As not just a dentist but a medical doctor, Dr. Tye is capable to monitor and handle your sedation process to ensure your comfort is maintained throughout your treatment. For more information on our sedation policies, or to schedule a consultation, call us at 817.552.3223.