How Long Is Oral Surgery?If you need oral surgery, you probably have many questions. One of those is probably, “How long will it take?”

There isn’t really a simple answer to this question. Firstly, it varies wildly depending on what exact procedure you’re having done. Then there are other variables, such as how extensive the procedure is and whether or not any complications arise.

If you need oral surgery, Dr. Chris L. Tye and his team at Texas Oral Surgery Specialists will inform you of what all to expect during and after the procedure. We will make sure that you’re fully informed about the procedure and give you peace of mind before going through it.

Here are some general guidelines for how long the most common types of oral surgeries take:

1.Tooth Extraction

A dental extraction is generally a simple procedure. One tooth extraction study determined that a single extraction generally takes 20-40 minutes. This includes time for preoperative duties, numbing the tooth, extracting the tooth, and postoperative duties. The study also determined that extracting additional teeth add 3-15 minutes to the process each.

The procedure took longer than 30 minutes in only 3% of studied cases. Smaller teeth such as incisors generally take less time to extract than larger teeth such as molars. It’s important to note that these estimates don’t usually apply to wisdom teeth, which are more complicated to extract.

2.Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are usually removed because they’re impacted. In other cases, they are removed because they’re causing discomfort or to prevent issues down the line.

The biggest factors in how long wisdom teeth extractions take are 1) whether or not they’ve broken through the gum line and 2) how many you need to be removed. Since the area is hard to reach and at least one tooth is usually impacted, the process takes longer than a regular tooth extraction. Generally, this surgery takes between 45 and 90 minutes.

3. Arthroscopic TMJ Surgery

If you need surgery for your temporomandibular joint disorder, there are a few options available. The least invasive is arthroscopic surgery. This surgery only requires small incisions and can generally be completed in 30 minutes or a bit more, depending on your specific needs.

4. Corrective Jaw Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery is another option for TMD, and it can also be used to address certain other jaw issues. This surgery is more invasive than arthroscopic surgery. It may be performed on the upper jaw, the lower jaw, or both. Corrective jaw surgery can usually be completed in 2-4 hours, but it may take longer if jaw problems are more extensive.

5. Jawbone Grafting

Jawbone density may decrease or be insufficient for a number of reasons. Since the jawbone won’t regenerate on its own, a person with poor jaw density will require bone grafting surgery. This procedure can usually be completed in your dentist’s office in 45-90 minutes.

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