Multiple missing teeth may compromise a patient’s ability to chew and speak, and leave their smile looking less than its best.

Patients with this problem can look to a number of options for teeth replacement, all of which work by different mechanisms.

Dental implants offer advanced technology in this area.

With this technique, an implant dentist inserts the implants—titanium posts that replace the missing tooth’s root—into the jawbone in an outpatient surgical procedure. In the case of multiple missing teeth, a pair of dental implants can be used to hold a bridge in place.

On the day of the initial procedure, the patient is fitted with a temporary bridge so that the smile’s appearance and function is improved immediately.
In the following months, the titanium implants fuse with the bone, making them a permanent part of the facial structure. After the osseointegration is complete, the patient is fitted with a stronger, permanent bridge.

Dental implants come with a number of benefits for patients. First and foremost, they are the only method that replicates the missing tooth’s roots. This structure prevents the jawbone from eroding, which occurs in the absence of the roots. Therefore, implants offer a level of stability and durability that is superior to the alternatives.

At the same time, implants look, feel and work more like biological teeth. In fact, it can be nearly impossible to detect a dental implant from a natural tooth.

Other options for multiple tooth replacement include removable partial dentures and fixed permanent bridges. Neither of these methods replicates the tooth’s missing roots, which allows the jawbone to atrophy. As a result, the bridge or partial likely will need to be replaced after the shape of the bone changes substantially.

Additionally, neither partials nor bridges are able to match the function of biological teeth as well as dental implants. They may be obvious replacements in terms of appearance.

Patients who need to replace multiple missing teeth have a variety of options. Call Dr. Chris Tye, our Implant Dentist serving Keller and surrounding areas today at 817-552-3223 to find out which option is best for you.