cartoon dentist beside toothBoth oral surgeons and general dentists can perform oral surgery. However, that doesn’t mean they are equal in quality. Only one of these is an expert in face, mouth, and jaw surgery while the other has minimal training. Can you guess which is which?

Oral Surgeon vs General Dentist

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons (OMS) receive extensive education and training beyond dental school. Following their graduation, they move on to complete at least four years of hospital-based training through a residency program. Finally, these students must pass state licensure and earn the appropriate permits. Overall, oral surgeons complete over eight years of education and training in the dental and surgical fields.

General dentists, on the other hand, begin practicing as soon as they graduate from dental school and earn their license and permits. Most people visit a general dentist for regular dental cleanings, cosmetic procedures, and common restorative procedures like dental crowns and bridges. These dentists are best known for diagnosing and treating dental diseases like periodontitis, though they do perform some oral surgeries like extractions and dental implants.

Why Choose An Oral Surgeon For Your Oral Surgery

If you aren’t already convinced, here are three more reasons to choose an oral surgeon for your oral surgery:

1. Peace of Mind

If going to the dentist doesn’t already raise your anxiety levels, surgery probably will. Especially when you aren’t confident in the one who is performing the surgery. When you choose an oral surgeon to extract your wisdom teeth or place your dental implants, you will feel at peace knowing that you’re in good hands.

With the latest diagnostic technology, patients can also feel confident that they are receiving the most accurate diagnosis.

2. Expert Care

Oral surgeons are the experts on all things face, mouth, and jaw which makes them the obvious choice for all things that have to do with oral surgery. An oral surgeon’s 8+ years of training and hands-on experience ensures each patient receives top-notch treatment.

Most oral surgeons utilize state-of-the-art technology that provides patients with more efficient and accurate care that significantly reduces trauma, discomfort, and recovery time.

3. Outstanding Results

The goal of an oral surgeon and general dentist is always to provide excellent care and outstanding results. The difference is oral surgeons are more prepared to do so. Many more times than not, those who choose an oral surgeon are satisfied with the outcome of their treatment.

Types of Oral Surgery

Of course, oral surgeons do much more than just dental extractions and implants. Here are the other surgeries that oral surgeons can diagnose and perform:

If you or a loved one needs any of these oral surgeries, contact an oral surgeon near you today.

Our Oral Surgeon

Dr. Chris Tye treats families and other doctors in the Colleyville, TX area. His recognition comes from being the first dual degreed oral surgeon in Tarrant County. He graduated from both dental and medical school. Additionally, Dr. Tye was the first oral surgeon in Texas to earn prestigious accreditation for exemplary standards in patient care. He continues to build a reputation of excellence among his peers and patients.

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