One of the best ways to help your healing process after dental surgery is proper aftercare. Your dentist will provide instructions on how to take care of yourself after your surgery, so be sure to follow these instructions to prevent complications and to ensure a comfortable recovery.

Taking Care of Yourself After Oral Surgery

One mistake many people make after oral surgery is to try to go back to work and to regular activities too soon. To ensure a comfortable recovery, rest and take care of yourself for however long your oral surgeon suggests. This will help ensure your healing progresses well and will help avoid complications.

Some measures you can take at home to help minimize your discomfort while you heal include:

•    Use ice packs to reduce swelling
•    Take prescription medications as instructed
•    Avoid spitting, smoking, or use of straws for three days
•    Use a salt-water rinse as directed by your surgeon
•    Elevate your head to reduce swelling

Your oral surgeon might provide other guidelines that will help you heal more quickly and comfortably. Be sure to follow all these instructions carefully and ask if you have any questions. The best way to be sure you understand all your post-operative instructions is to go over them before your surgery and have someone with you to take notes. This way you’ll have all the information close at hand, and someone else to ensure you don’t misunderstand anything.

Possible Complications After Oral Surgery

If you experience any complications after dental surgery, you should bring these to your dentist’s attention immediately. Some specific symptoms to be aware of include:

•    Fever or inflammation
•    General feeling of illness or fatigue
•    Excessive bleeding
•    Dry socket if you have had teeth removed
•    Extreme discomfort

These symptoms should be treated right away, as they could indicate infection or other problems that can lead to long-term issues or incomplete healing. If you have any questions about symptoms or about proper aftercare, call the office of Dr. Chris L. Tye right away.