wisdom teeth BedfordThird molars, commonly called “wisdom teeth”, are often extracted by an oral surgeon because they cause a host of oral health concerns. Extracting these teeth as soon as possible can prevent dental abscesses, gum disease, and orthodontic problems. While some patients may choose to keep their wisdom teeth, the majority of people have them removed to preserve oral health and quality of life.

How Can Keeping Wisdom Teeth Affect Oral Health

Those who do not have their wisdom teeth removed are more likely to experience dental and gingival infections. This is because wisdom teeth have trouble emerging through the gums because existing teeth have taken up most of the space in the mouth. If third molars fully erupt, they will crowd existing teeth and this might result in a crooked smile. Most of the time, third molars get “stuck” in the gums because there simply isn’t room for them to become fully exposed. With only parts of the tooth’s crown visible, food and bacteria will ultimately find their way in between the gum and whatever tooth structure is exposed. This situation often leads to tooth decay or infected gums and if not treated, patients may develop a chronic, painful infection.

Retaining third molars also affects quality of life. Since molar eruption affects the placement of existing teeth, it produces discomfort. Normally in the form of facial pain or headaches, some patients suffer with daily pain due to their wisdom teeth. If wisdom teeth do affect one’s occlusion, it can strain and stress the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and produce moderate to severe discomfort.

Improve Oral Health and Quality of Life with Wisdom Tooth Extractions

When third molars are removed, patients can prevent a number of oral health threats. An extraction is a surgical procedure where the tooth and its roots are removed—sometimes before the tooth’s eruption. Our practice utilizes the latest techniques and administers sedative medication so that our patients enjoy quality care and a comfortable experience.

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