tooth implant Grapevine TXA tooth implant is a prosthetic used to replace the missing root of a lost tooth. This prosthetic is incredibly durable and once it is stabilized, it can be used to support a dental crown or bridge. Tooth loss has devastating effects on a person’s well-being and oral health. By replacing lost teeth with dental implants, patients can enjoy both an improvement in appearance and increased oral function. Our oral surgeon has experience placing dental implants for people suffering with tooth loss in and around our community. Following is helpful information on dental implants.

How a Tooth Implant Works

A tooth implant is made of titanium. Only a few millimeters wide, an implant has a rippled texture much like a screw. It is embedded into the jawbone through a same-day surgical procedure. Essentially, dental implants are used to replace the lost root systems of teeth so that prosthetic crowns, bridges, and even dentures can be supported beneath the gums.

After its initial placement, a person will enter a recovery period of treatment. Recovery is important because the tooth implant will need to be stabilized by bone through a process called osseointegration. This process involves bone fusing to titanium over time, thus securing the tooth implant in place for decades to come. Once dental implants are stable, which is monitored by incremental checkups at our practice, patients will be ready to receive their permanent dental crown or bridges.

Restorations and Dental Implants

Restorations like dental crowns and bridges can be supported by dental implants. They are attached to the dental implant through an abutment that protrudes slightly through the jawbone. Restorations will fill in the visible gaps of a smile, support neighboring biological or prosthetic teeth, and assist with oral function. If patients choose white colored materials such as porcelain or porcelain fused to metal for their crowns and bridges, they will enjoy a very natural looking smile that is durable and functional.

To learn more about your tooth replacement options, call our practice to reserve a dental implants consultation.