Facial injuries can be devastating not only to the face but to the teeth, gums, tongue, and jawbones. If you experience a facial injury that damages your teeth or other oral tissues, an oral surgeon can help. To prevent facial injuries to yourself or your children, you can take precautions that will minimize the risk.

How to Prevent Facial Injuries

Accidents happen, and sometimes they are unpredictable and unavoidable. However, if you take certain precautions, you can lower the risk that you or your children will experience facial injuries. Some of these precautions include:

•    Wear proper protective gear when engaging in contact sports
•    Be very careful on icy sidewalk or stairs, or avoid them completely
•    Do not run in inappropriate areas where the risk of falling is high
•    Wear protective equipment when riding a bicycle or motorcycle
•    Wear seatbelts in the car

Many precautions to prevent facial injuries are just common sense. But, as in the case of most injuries, remaining aware of your surroundings, taking appropriate precautions, and using protective gear when necessary will greatly reduce your risk of injury.

What to Do in Case of a Facial Injury

Some facial injuries can be treated easily at home. However, if an injury is severe or if you have lost teeth, it is important to see a doctor, dentist, or oral surgeon as soon as possible to minimize long-term damage. Some examples of severe facial injury include:

•    Broken facial bones
•    Deep cuts or lacerations in the face
•    Cuts or injury inside the mouth, such as to the lips, cheeks or tongue
•    Fractures or breaks to the jawbone
•    Cracked, broken, or dislodged teeth

These types of injuries should always be seen to as quickly as possible to avoid long-term problems that can result from improper healing. For example, if a broken bone is set right away, you are more likely to avoid future discomfort and misalignment. Even a knocked-out tooth can often be restored if it is replaced quickly by a professional, helping you maintain your smile.

Do you have an emergency plan to treat unexpected facial injuries?  Contact the office of Dr. Chris Tye to learn how an experienced oral surgeon can help.