wisdom teeth SouthlakeHave you ever wondered why wisdom teeth so commonly require removal? Wisdom teeth affect oral health in various ways and often require extraction because they come through the gums much later in life than other permanent teeth.  If your dentist has suggested that you visit an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth extraction, our team is experienced with extracting teeth—especially wisdom teeth. Our team is here to help you during your oral surgery and during the recovery process.

When Wisdom Teeth Should Be Removed

Most of the time, wisdom teeth cannot erupt the gums properly. This is because existing permanent teeth are already positioned in their rightful place and there is often not enough room for wisdom teeth to erupt. When a wisdom tooth starts to come in, it becomes stuck in the gums, where it can develop an abscess or it can negatively affect the placement of permanent teeth by crowding them. This can lead to teeth being overlapped and crooked. Wisdom teeth are also problematic because they can cause frequent discomfort especially in the form of headaches and toothaches.

How our Oral Surgeon Can Help

An oral surgeon possesses additional education and training to act as a surgeon in addition to already having attended dental school. Because oral surgery is a dental specialty, our doctor has vast experience with performing extractions of all kids. In addition to using the latest methods and technology, our team will work to ensure that all our patients receive quality care with a focus on comfort.

The Recovery Period

After a wisdom tooth extraction, the recovery period is relatively short. Most patients return to work or school the day after their procedure. After the extraction, our team will provide you with a take-home packet with easy-to-follow instructions regarding the foods you should and shouldn’t eat along with instructions for how to clean the extraction site. By following our post-operative instructions, you will enjoy a faster and more comfortable recovery.

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