wisdom teeth GrapevineHaving your wisdom teeth extracted is a very wise investment in your oral health and your quality of life. Wisdom teeth are problematic; they increase our risk for infections like abscesses, orthodontic problems, and improper bites. By extracting these teeth, you can prevent a number of these problems.

Although wisdom tooth removal is often necessary, many patients understandably have questions on what to expect during and after their procedure. For instance, you may wonder how long your recovery period should last and when you may return to your normal everyday activities like work or school. While everyone heals on different time frames, most patients return to work within just a few days of their procedure. Our oral surgeon strives to provide the highest quality treatment without sacrificing patient comfort.

Why Wisdom Teeth Increase the Risk for Oral Health Problems

The main reason that wisdom teeth are a burden to many people’s health is the fact that these teeth erupt through gums years after the rest of adult teeth have come in. The most common age for wisdom tooth eruption is during late teenage years and early adulthood. This means that when these teeth emerge, existing adult teeth are well established and many patients have already undergone orthodontic treatment. Since there is little room in the mouth for wisdom teeth, they tend to become impacted in the gums and bone.

Sometimes only a partial part of the tooth’s crown will come through the gums. When a tooth is partially erupted, it and the surrounding gum tissue are very vulnerable to infection. Moreover, a partially erupted tooth means that teeth are crowded and the presence of one or more wisdom teeth could affect the alignment of established adult teeth. It is not uncommon for patients to need a second round of orthodontic treatment after wisdom teeth emerge.

Gentle Tooth Extractions

When a tooth requires extraction, our team will determine the best course of action for the needs of each patient. During treatment, we administer sedative and pain relieving medication so that our guests enjoy a comfortable experience. We also provide information and tips for improving the recovery process.

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