oral surgeryDental implants are a big decision. The surgery involves drilling holes into the jawbone and can require up to six months of healing before the procedure is declared a success. An improperly performed implantation surgery has the potential to lead to failed implants and months, or even years, of hassle and pain.

To ensure a successful outcome, your dentist or oral surgeon must assess many variables surrounding the anatomy of the soft and hard tissues of your face, bone density, and the angle and depth of the implants. Even if a dentist has performed dozens of implant procedures, the fact remains that no two implant surgeries are entirely alike. We all have unique tooth alignment, and bone and facial structure. Even in the hands of an experienced practitioner, the complexity of procedure can easily make you nervous.

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Dental implants have the potential to be a life-long solution to tooth loss, but we can understand if your upcoming procedure has you feeling some anxiety. In cases of multiple implant surgery especially, you want to know you are in capable hands. For patients who want extra peace of mind, Dr. Chris Tye offers a few tips below, to help you determine whether a second opinion should be sought.

What Training and Experience Does Your Dentist Have with Dental Implants?

If you haven’t asked already, find out the specifics behind your dentist’s qualifications. You have every right to ask what courses and practical training went into his or her mastery of this field. In some states, a dentist need only complete an online course to be legally permitted to offer dental implants, so you want to know that your dentist has had a full and thorough education. This should include not only legitimate courses taught by recognized experts, but also hands-on training with a qualified mentor. Don’t be afraid to ask specifically where he/she was educated and trained, and who he/she learned from.

If the dentist’s training was more than five years ago, ask how he or she has kept up with recent advances in implant techniques. You want a practitioner who is devoted to continuing education in this rapidly advancing field of dentistry.

How Many Procedures Has Your Dentist Performed? What is the Success Rate?

Another area where you want to ask for specifics is in your dentist’s experience performing implant surgery in his or her practice. Find out how many procedures have been performed. Ask if any implant procedures failed or experienced complications, and how the situation was corrected. The average success rate for dental implants is around 98 percent, so ideally you want a practitioner whose own successes mirror this rate.

How Does Your Dentist Plan for a Successful Outcome?

On the cutting edge of dental implant surgery, many doctors are now using computer guided techniques to calculate the angles and depths of the implants for each unique case. Some are even using 3D printers to create customized guides to make sure the actual drilling is done with perfect precision. These advanced techniques are not necessary for a successful implant surgery—cone beam imaging and CT scans are usually sufficient—but your dentist should be using advanced technology to create your surgical plan. Ask your dentist to explain and show you how he or she uses technology to plan your procedure.

Do You Know and Trust Your Dentist?

If dental implant surgery is the first procedure you will be having with this provider, you want to make sure you are in the hands of someone you trust. Does he or she listen to and respect your concerns? Or do you feel condescended to and belittled when you ask questions? Arrogance or poor bedside manner does not always correlate with poor technique—but dental implants are a multi-step endeavor, and you will be seeing this person for several months before the process is finished.

It is not “too much to ask for” to have a care provider than you feel comfortable with. Should you face any complications, a poor bedside manner may prevent you from coming forward with details that may be pertinent to your recovery and a successful outcome. If you don’t feel free to communicate all your concerns and questions with this particular dentist, find another one!

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