tooth implant GrapevineLiving with missing teeth takes a toll on a person’s entire life. From having difficulty eating food to feeling incomplete, missing one or more teeth can negatively affect every facet of one’s well-being. Fortunately, a tooth implant can replace a missing tooth to restore oral function and the aesthetics of a smile. Dental implants have quickly become the most sought after tooth replacement method because they are low maintenance and long lasting.

The Devastating Effects of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss during adulthood is incredibly traumatic. Just missing one tooth can lead to social isolation and depression. In addition to reducing a person’s self-esteem and confidence, missing teeth means that eating and speaking become impaired. Moreover, the effects of tooth loss go deeper than what is visible to yourself and others. Missing the root system of a tooth means that a person is at risk for bone atrophy because the roots of a tooth are no longer there to stimulate bone and keep it active. Bone deterioration can cause further tooth loss and make a person’s face appear sunken in and aged.

How a Tooth Implant Works

A tooth implant works by replacing the lost structure of a tooth’s root system. Measuring a few millimeters in diameter, a dental implant is a metal component that slightly resembles a screw. With its rigged texture, a dental implant is embedded into the jawbone where bone will integrate around it over time through a process called osseointegration. Bone integrating to dental implants is possible because implants are made from titanium, a metal that is biocompatible.

After the tooth implant is placed in the jaw by our oral surgeon, patients will begin a recovery phase of treatment that will allow the bone time to fuse to its titanium structure. Once the implant is stable in the jaw, a permanent custom prosthetic can be attached to it, completing the smile restoration process. The most commonly used restoration is a dental crown. Dental crowns can be made from lifelike materials like porcelain that will look and feel just like biological teeth.

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