wisdom teeth SouthlakeA soft tissue impacted tooth means that a tooth is “stuck” in the gums. While there may be adequate room for a tooth to emerge through the jaw, there is not enough room for the gums to pull away from teeth to expose its structure fully. Soft tissue impaction commonly occurs with wisdom teeth. This is because wisdom teeth emerge long after other adult teeth. As adult teeth become established, there is rarely, if ever, enough space for a wisdom tooth to emerge in a healthy position on its own. An impacted tooth means that a person is at risk for oral health complications. In most instances, dentists refer patients to an oral surgeon for their removal.

Why are wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth are removed to prevent oral health problems or because their presence has caused oral health problems. For some people, wisdom teeth are removed as soon as they emerge as a precautionary measure while others may have theirs extracted later on after their wisdom teeth have caused problems.

What oral health risks are associated with keeping wisdom teeth?

There are a number of health risks associated with retaining wisdom teeth. Since wisdom teeth cannot erupt properly, their partial exposure can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and painful infections called abscesses that form at the roots of teeth. The emergence of wisdom teeth can also affect the placement of existing teeth. Some patients may experience crowding and overlapping, which may require orthodontic treatment to correct. Lastly, improperly erupted wisdom teeth can produce significant discomfort in the form of facial pain, headaches, and TMJ dysfunction.

What should I expect from a tooth extraction procedure?

During tooth extractions, our oral surgeon takes all strides necessary to ensure that our patients have a positive and relaxing experience. Our practice utilizes the latest protocols for administering anesthetics and surgical techniques. While teeth are removed, our guests rest peacefully in our operating chairs.

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