dental surgery BedfordA dental implant is a small cylinder made of biocompatible titanium that replaces the missing root of an absent biological tooth. After an oral surgeon places the dental implant in the patient’s jaw, the bone at the implant site forms a strong bond with the dental implant. As such, dental implants become permanent fixtures in patients’ mouths, as long as they are properly maintained.

This type of dental surgery gives patients a more permanent solution to tooth loss than conventional prosthetics like fixed dental bridges and standard dentures do. Because the dental implant functions as a pseudo-root, it holds the jaw in place like a natural tooth does. Therefore, an implant-supported appliance will retain its fit over time, while a conventional prosthetic will shift as the shape of the jaw changes due to bone erosion.

The dental surgery involved in dental implant placement can be completed in an outpatient setting, with the length of the appointment depending on the number of dental implants that need to be placed.

Although dental implant placement does require dental surgery, many patients find the procedure to be a worthwhile investment for all of the advantages that they get from their dental implants. Not only are dental implants more stable over time, they also feel more like your biological smile. Furthermore, dental implants can stand alone without support from surrounding teeth, which in turn do not have to be compromised in order to be fitted with dental crowns that anchor a pontic.

Additionally, when a patient works with an oral surgeon to get dental implants, they’ll retain more of the chewing function that their biological teeth had. The bond between bone and implant helps the implant withstand fairly strong chewing forces. As a result, patients can continue to enjoy a complete diet including crunchy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.

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