dental implants SouthlakeHave you lost a tooth? Are you overwhelmed by your tooth replacement options? Today, patients have more options than ever before when it comes to restoring their smiles. From bridges to dentures to dental implants, patients suffering from tooth loss can smile with confidence once again. Dental implants can replace any type of tooth in the mouth and these permanent prosthetic teeth can last for decades, if not a lifetime. If you’re interested in learning more about dental implants, our team answers common questions about these permanent replacement teeth.

What are dental implants and how do they work?

As permanent replacement teeth, dental implants are rooted directly into the jawbone through a surgical procedure. Consisting of a titanium post with a ridged texture and a prosthetic crown, an implant replaces the roots of teeth and its biting surface. Since the titanium post is embedded into the jaw, it will serve as a pillar to a prosthetic tooth. The bone surrounding the implant will fuse to the post, securing it in place. This process allows a patient to enjoy a complete restoration of oral function since dental implants will not move or slide in the mouth, as dentures tend to do.

Those receiving implants have many options for the appearance and construction of their dental crown. Very durable metals like gold can be used as well as materials like porcelain to provide a more natural, discreet look. Crowns are custom made by technicians so that they properly fit over the titanium post and in between existing natural teeth.

Who is a good candidate for this procedure?

The best candidates for dental implants should have good oral health with no signs of periodontal disease as well as healthy bone mass to support the implant’s titanium post. Since there are so many options for replacing lost teeth, it is best for a patient to consult with an oral surgeon if considering dental implants.

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