man drinking water bottle sitting in a parkDental bridges are not a new innovation. There is archeological evidence to suggest that some form of bridges have been in use for millennia. But dental implants are a more recent invention that have transformed the way that we treat tooth loss. An implant-supported dental bridge offers numerous benefits that can improve everything from your oral health to your appearance

At Texas Oral Surgery Specialists in Colleyville, TX, Dr. Chris Tye is proud to offer implant-supported bridges, as well as other implant-supported restorations. As an oral surgeon with degrees in both dentistry and medicine, he is an ideal choice for implant placement. With his expertise and state-of-the-art technology, he can determine the most precise locations for implants, and he can perform a minimal-discomfort procedure. 

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Jawbone Protection

Perhaps the top benefit of dental implants is their effect on the jawbone. Like natural tooth roots, implants stimulate tissue regeneration. In this way, they can prevent jawbone shrinkage, which occurs rapidly after tooth loss. 

No Impact to Your Other Teeth

A traditional dental bridge rests on top of adjacent healthy teeth. Therefore, to place a bridge, your dentist would need to reshape these teeth, trimming away a substantial amount of tissue. 

An implant-supported bridge, on the other hand, rests solely on the implant posts. Your other teeth will remain fully intact.


Dental implants are highly successful, with 90 to 95% of them lasting at least ten years after placement. Most last much longer. With proper maintenance, which includes little more than routine dental hygiene, implants can last for the rest of your life

A traditional dental bridge usually lasts five to fifteen years, although some can last longer. 


Implant-supported restorations of any type look extremely lifelike. Like natural teeth, these restorations sit directly on the gum line with no artificial clasps or adhesives required. The ability to stimulate bone regeneration also has an important aesthetic effect. Implants will preserve your natural facial structure, so your lower face will not have the sunken appearance that can sometimes follow after years of missing teeth. 

Could Save You Money over the Years 

Many patients are concerned when they learn that an implant-supported dental bridge will cost significantly more than a standard bridge. But dental implants are not only an investment in your health. They can be an important financial investment, as well. 

Remember that bone recession can eventually lead to additional tooth loss. And that will mean more restorative work. Further, since dental bridges usually don’t last as long as implants, you will likely need to replace your restoration, even several times. In these ways, implants save you the expense of future dental care, as well as the hassle and stress that it can cause. 

Find Out If You are a Candidate for an Implant-Supported Dental Bridge 

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