Three Reasons Dr. Tye May Recommend a Dental ExtractionWhat exactly is a dental extraction? This Bedford oral surgery treatment is the removal of a natural tooth to help improve oral health. Though it may sound scary or painful, Dr. Chris Tye’s expertise as an oral surgeon helps him to remove teeth that are negatively impacting your oral health in a safe way and with minimal discomfort. Dental extractions are performed for a number of reasons, but today we’re sharing three of the top reasons why Dr. Tye or Dr. Sohn or your general dentist may recommend you receive a dental extraction in the Bedford area.

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Advanced Dental Decay

When tooth enamel starts decaying, small cavities or holes in the enamel will form. Early intervention can eradicate the decay; your general dentist can protect enamel through dental fillings, inlays or onlays, or dental crowns. However, if you have missed regular examinations with your general dentist and the decay is left unchecked, it can spread and destroy much of the tooth’s outer surface. If the tooth cannot be saved through a dental crown or root canal, an extraction may be required.

Extensive Trauma to the Tooth

Our tooth enamel is incredibly strong – stronger than steel! However, though incredibly strong, the enamel is formed from tiny crystals of calcium phosphate. The crystallized structure makes enamel very brittle. That’s why when you bite down on a nutshell fragment, ice cube, or popcorn kernel, your tooth can crack. Other times, trauma from sports injuries or an accident can also crack a tooth. Small cracks can often be repaired with dental crowns or even dental bonding. Larger cracks — ones that extend down into the root of the tooth — may require an extraction.

An Impacted Tooth

Everyone has two sets of teeth during their lifetime: primary teeth (or “baby” teeth) and permanent teeth. Around the age of six, a child’s first permanent tooth begins showing up. As the primary teeth become loose and fall out, permanent teeth take their place. However, this process can sometimes not happen as smoothly. Impacted teeth are primary or permanent teeth that are blocked from breaking through the gums properly. Some impacted teeth cannot break through the gum’s surface at all, while others may break partially through the surface. This may happen for a number of reasons, but impacted teeth can have negative effects on a smile’s alignment and a patient’s oral health.

Children who experience impacted baby teeth may need an extraction to allow the permanent teeth to develop normally. Adults who experience impacted teeth (most notably, wisdom teeth), may have dental extractions to prevent complications that can arise with partially or completely hidden teeth. Teeth that are partially exposed can become magnets for plaque and tartar, and are difficult to properly clean, putting them at high risk for dental decay and infection.

Bedford Oral Surgery Specialists

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