dental implants Southlake TX Bruxism, a condition in which a patient clenches or grinds the teeth, often unconsciously or during sleep, can create an obstacle for patients who want to get dental implants. Initially, bruxism may interfere with the osseointegration process in which the jawbone forms a bond with the implant’s surface in the months after the implant is placed. The excess pressure caused by the grinding or clenching can disrupt this process.

Furthermore, even if the implant does osseointegrate properly, bruxism could still damage the prosthetic, just like it can cause biological teeth to wear prematurely.

Patients who are seeking dental implants should inform the oral surgeon if bruxism is a concern for them. In order to improve the long-term chances of dental implant success, the bruxism may need to be treated prior to implant placement.

It’s possible that you don’t even realize you’re clenching or grinding your teeth, though. Rest assured that the oral surgeon will also inspect your teeth for evidence of bruxism, such as noticeable damage to the teeth, and may recommend treatment if such evidence is present.

For example, patients may need to wear a mouthguard at night to control bruxism by preventing the upper and lower teeth from making contact with each other.

In some cases, bruxism may have an underlying cause, such as poor stress management or excessive anxiety. If the underlying cause is addressed, the bruxism may resolve accordingly, boosting the patient’s chances for dental implant success.

Each case is unique, and the particular circumstances will influence the recommended bruxism treatment. Our surgeon will discuss the outlook of your case with you, projecting the factors that influence the likelihood of implant success or failure with you.

Patients who grind or clench their teeth may encounter trouble if they try to get dental implants. If this is a problem for you, ask us about bruxism treatment options that can help to maximize the benefits you will get from dental implants.

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